Solid Red Oak Flooring

A guide to solid Red Oak flooring.

When considering hardwood floors for a home or business, solid Red Oak flooring is an excellent choice that offers lots of flexibility in design as well as durability. In this short guide, we will provide an overview of the uses and benefits of Red Oak floors along with several options for design and installation.

What is solid Red Oak flooring?

Solid Red Oak hardwood flooring is a flooring surface with boards made from timber from Red Oak trees. Red Oak is a common hardwood tree found throughout the central and eastern parts of the U.S. and Canada. Known for its interesting grain patterns and red to brown color variations, Red Oak is a durable, porous and highly workable hardwood that can easily be adapted to a broad range of interior designs.

What is wide plank solid Red Oak flooring?
Carlisle wide plank solid Red Oak flooring uses floorboards that are 4-12″ wide and up to 14″ long, 3 to 6 times wider and longer than commercial solid Red Oak flooring. The difference is huge. Wide plank floors provide a broader surface for the personality and grain patterns of the wood to emerge. And with far fewer boards in the floor, a wide plank floor is immediately more visually compelling and provides a sense of spaciousness that enlarges any room.

Why choose solid Red Oak flooring?

Wide plank solid Red Oak flooring from Carlisle is a great choice when you want: A flexible hardwood that can be treated in a wide variety of colors and finishes. A highly workable flooring material that will simplify and speed installation. A strong and durable flooring substance that is resistant to wear and damage, and that can be refinished several times over the life of the floor.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can solid Red Oak flooring be textured or distressed?

Distressed wood flooring is a highly popular option for residential and commercial flooring design today. Texturing techniques can give your solid Red Oak flooring an aged and weathered look that immediately adds a sense of heritage and character. At Carlisle, we use several innovative techniques to make oak flooring appear as if it was cut in centuries-old sawmills, and then gently worn by time and use over several generations.

How can I clean solid Red Oak flooring?

You can care for solid Red Oak flooring just as you would any other hardwood floor. Vinegar and water is a simple but highly effective cleaning solution — simply mix 1 or 2 ounces of vinegar with 2 gallons of water and apply lightly before mopping.

What is prefinished solid Red Oak flooring?

Carlisle prefinished solid Red Oak flooring is sanded, stained and sealed at our facility before it is delivered to you. By having the boards finished before delivery, you can avoid the mess of sanding, staining and sealing an unfinished floor within your home or business. Prefinished solid red flooring also helps to make installation faster and less costly.

What’s the difference between engineered and solid Red Oak flooring?

In solid Red Oak flooring, each floorboard is cut from a single piece of Red Oak timber. Engineered flooring, on the other hand, involves gluing multiple layers or plies of material together to form a floorboard that is resistant to large fluctuations in temperature and moisture, where overall relative humidity is higher on average. Carlisle engineered Red Oak hardwood flooring uses a thick layer of Red Oak as a veneer, and Baltic Birch hardwood as backing material to create an engineered floor that is highly stable and ideal for installation in basements, on concrete slabs and over radiant heating systems.

What color is solid Red Oak flooring?

Solid Red Oak flooring is a lighter wood (it’s actually lighter than White Oak) with color hues that range from brown to salmon pink. A wide and prominent grain pattern in Red Oak wood flooring offers a great deal of visual interest. The type of cut used to create floorboards can impact the appearance of grain in the wood. Plainsawn techniques produce more grain variation, while rift sawn and quartersawn oak flooring produce tighter and more consistent grain patterns. (At Carlisle, rift sawn and quartersawn timber is available in White Oak only.)

Carlisle customer service: as extraordinary as our solid Red Oak flooring.

While we are extraordinarily proud of the quality of our solid Red Oak flooring, we are equally enthusiastic about providing a customer experience that is second to none. From your first contact with our design team through the process of selecting, customizing, ordering and installing your solid Red Oak flooring, you’ll find Carlisle design consultants and customer service representatives to be exceptionally helpful. We’ll walk with you through every decision, obsessively attending to each detail to ensure that your Carlisle floor meets every specification and exceeds your expectations.

Make Carlisle your source for solid Red Oak flooring.

There’s truly nothing like a Carlisle wide plank floor. Since 1966, we have been producing one-of-a-kind masterpieces, painstakingly handcrafted to be a true expression of your sense of style and beauty. No two Carlisle floors are alike – every floor is individually assembled from the finest timbers by New England craftsman with a passion for fine wood. Our custom process lets us create visually stunning floors that serve as a bold design feature in businesses, boutiques, restaurants, museums and beautiful homes throughout the world. Our one goal is to produce a floor that will continue to inspire and amaze you for years to come, and that will be a welcome reminder of where you are every time you enter the room.