Solid Walnut Flooring

Your guide to solid Walnut flooring.

Solid Walnut flooring is among the most sought-after flooring surfaces, and for good reason. There’s nothing quite like the rich beauty of dark Walnut floors. With creamy, lighter colored sapwood and sumptuous chocolate-brown hues with auburn undertones in the heartwood, solid Walnut flooring provides a dramatic and stunning surface on which to live your life at home or work. As versatile as it is beautiful, Walnut hardwood flooring is equally appropriate for elegant formal living rooms, rustic country kitchens, contemporary city lofts and everything in between.

What is wide plank solid Walnut flooring?

While standard commercial solid Walnut flooring uses boards that are 3″ wide at most, wide plank solid Walnut flooring is made with boards that are 8″ to 16″ wide and up to 12′ long. The difference is striking. A traditional commercial Walnut floor will look “busy” and cluttered, and the essential characteristics of the wood will be obscured. A wide plank floor, on the other hand, allows the grain patterns and personality of the wood to be fully appreciated, and the wider, longer boards create fewer seams and give the room a sense of luxury, harmony and elegance.

The benefits of solid Walnut flooring.

Solid Walnut flooring is an excellent choice when you want:

  • A dark floor. The rich chocolate-brown hues of Walnut make for a strikingly dark and handsome flooring surface.
  • A versatile hardwood. Solid Walnut flooring works well in a wide variety of settings from casual to formal.
  • Easy maintenance. With its dark appearance, Walnut floors will hide dirt and dust more easily.
  • A return on your investment. Solid Walnut flooring is considered an excellent investment, adding value to your home or business.

How to customize solid Walnut flooring

At Carlisle Wide Plank Floors, it’s easy to customize solid Walnut flooring to meet the needs of your interior design.

Choosing a grade
Carlisle Original Grade reveals more of the natural character, color variation and grain of the Walnut tree. Our Heirloom Grade features less variation with fewer and smaller knots for a more formal look, and our Signature Grade offers the perfect balance of Original and Heirloom characteristics.

Selecting the width
The wider the board, the more luxurious and beautiful your floor and your space will be. Consistent widths produce a more uniform look, while varying the width adds visual interest.

Texture or no texture?
Handmade surface treatments can texture a new floor to give it an aged and timeworn appearance. Carlisle craftsman our experts at giving solid Walnut flooring the appearance of a floor that has been lived on and walked on for generations.

What’s the best color?
Unlike many flooring companies with a limited selection of colors for stains, Carlisle brings a nearly unlimited assortment of possibilities.

Creating a pattern
The elegant look of a parquet pattern adds stunning elegance to any solid Walnut flooring installation.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is rift and quartersawn Walnut flooring?

Rift quartersawn Walnut floorboards are cut at a 90-degree angle from the center of the timber to produce planks with very straight grain patterns that run the length of the board. The cutting process creates more waste than plainsawn boards, so rift sawn floorboards tend to be more costly.

Can solid Walnut flooring be textured or distressed to make it look old?

Yes. Distressing solid Walnut floors can help create the appearance of age, character and timeworn beauty. Carlisle craftsman our experts at creating Hand Scraped Walnut floors and floors that are treated with Timeworn, Brushed and other techniques that give floorboards a weathered and lived-on appearance.

What is engineered solid Walnut flooring?

Engineered solid Walnut flooring is made with floorboards that have a top layer of Walnut which is glued to multiple layers of a backing material such as fiberboard, plywood or another type of hardwood. With multiple layers, engineered floors are more resistant to larger changes in temperature, humidity and moisture.

What is prefinished solid Walnut flooring?

Prefinished solid Walnut flooring can help to accelerate installation and avoid the mess and inconvenience of finishing a floor on site. Prefinished floors are sanded, stained and sealed at the manufacturer’s facility prior to delivery.

How durable is solid Walnut flooring?

Solid Walnut flooring has a Janka hardness rating of 1010. While it is one of the softer hardwoods, it is nevertheless a highly durable and resilient flooring surface.

What are best practices for how to care for solid Walnut flooring?

Solid Walnut flooring can be regularly cleaned with a cleaning solution like vinegar and water. Vinegar has a natural acidity that easily loosens dirt and contaminants, and it is safe for the environment. For the occasional deeper clean, you can use a product like LOBA Hardwood Floor Cleaner.

What’s the difference between American Walnut and Black Walnut hardwood?

American Walnut flooring is the same thing as Black Walnut floors – they’re both made of floorboards fashioned from American Black Walnut trees

Carlisle: the #1 provider of solid Walnut flooring.

The Carlisle name has been associated with leadership, innovation and tradition in quality wood floors for more than five decades. As a world leader in wide plank flooring, we are dedicated to delivering exceptional floors with exceptional service. Our one-of-a-kind floors are true masterpieces that reflect the style and sophistication of each owner. Our craftsmen are New England artisans who have a passion for working with fine wood – no detail is too small to escape their attention. From selecting the wood to customizing your floor and ensuring it meets your exact specifications, we are dedicated to making the process of creating a stunning wide plank floor as delightful as living on it.