Solid Wood Flooring

Live your life on a work of art.

When you choose Carlisle Wide Plank Floors, you’ll be amazed by the way our solid wood flooring can transform your space. The first thing you’ll notice is how clean and open your space feels, with fewer seams in the wood, making the floor seem less busy and your room more spacious. Our extra wide planks show more detail in the timber, revealing as much as 150 to 200 years of history in the wood. Suddenly, what was something you just walk on becomes a stunning architectural element, a work of art in solid wood that will last for generations.

Carlisle Wide Plank Floors is one of the nation’s leading manufacturers of solid wood flooring, offering a wide variety of new reclaimed floors as well as prefinished and engineered flooring products.

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Carlisle provides new and reclaimed solid wood flooring.

At Carlisle, we offer a wide range of solid wood flooring options for your home or business. Our hardwood floors are manufactured from trees grown in the cooler climates of the countries’ northern areas, where shorter summers mean trees grow more slowly. The result is wood with tighter and denser grain, perfect for woodworking and for our wide plank solid wood flooring.

Our new floors come in a range of woods, including cherry, walnut, maple and oak wood floors. We also offer reclaimed wood floors – solid wood flooring fashioned from the timbers of old houses, barns and commercial buildings. This antique wood flooring has an age-worn look with tremendous character and distinctive beauty in a variety of woods. Additionally, we offer prefinished and engineered wood flooring.

The Carlisle difference – quality flooring from sustainable solid wood timbers.

You won’t find another solid wood flooring provider like Carlisle. Every board at Carlisle is meticulously handcrafted and inspected by multiple craftsmen before it is used for our solid wood flooring. Our commitment to sustainability means we only cut trees that have reached their full maturity and must be removed to allow the forest around them to thrive. We work with growers who never clear-cut trees, but rather are incredibly selective in harvesting timber. In fact, due to our strict quality standards, we cut an average of only one tree in every five acres of forest. We source our timber only in the parts of the country best suited for the quality of wood we’re seeking. Even our antique floor and recycled wood floors are salvaged from certain parts of the country, where the climate is best suited for the preservation of these boards.

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