Solid Wood Floors

Wide plank solid wood floors – the ultimate in luxury flooring.

For a truly distinctive and luxurious appearance, nothing compares to solid wood floors from Carlisle Wide Plank Floors. Available in a variety of woods, including maple wood flooring and oak hardwood floors, Carlisle’s wide plank solid wood floors add a distinctive look and feel to any space. Carlisle floors feature planks that are among the widest and longest in the industry, reducing the number of seams in the floor to create a stunning, open look that brings more elegance and beauty to the room. Wide plank wood floors add character too, as more history of the wood can be seen in each board – as many as 200 years in a single plank. With solid wood floors from Carlisle, your floors will become one of the most remarkable aspects of your space.

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Carlisle offers a wide variety of solid wood floors.

As one of the nation’s premier providers of solid wood floors, we offer a wide variety of new and reclaimed hardwood floors. Customers may choose from unfinished hardwood flooring or prefinished products, such as prefinished oak flooring.

Our new solid wood floors are assembled from some of the widest and longest planks in the industry, from trees grown in colder climates that produce the tighter and denser grain ideal for woodworking and wide plank flooring.

Our reclaimed hardwood flooring is made from solid wood found in old buildings such as warehouses and barns. The wood is cleaned and minimally milled to preserve all the imperfections, nail holes, saw kerfs and water stains that give these antique solid wood floors their personality.

We also offer distressed solid wood flooring – new floors that are made to look centuries old – as well as some of the finest engineered wood flooring products on the market.

The highest quality solid wood for the most remarkable floors.

The wood for our floors is harvested only from sustainable forests by growers who share our commitment to environmental forestry. We select only the most mature trees, the ones that have reached their peak growth and should be removed from the forest to allow younger trees to thrive. The wider circumference of these older timbers allows us to cut boards of exceptional width and length. Every board at Carlisle is hand-crafted and meticulously inspected to bring out the beauty of the wood and to ensure that when assembled, these wide planks will form a floor of extraordinary elegance.

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