Prefinished Wood Floors

No more trade-offs, just advantages

Avoid the mess and hassle of a site finished floor.

Carlisle has the best wood finishing systems available to ensure you get the most beautiful wood floor. Whether you want hardwood, pine, reclaimed or distressed wood flooring, a Carlisle Wide Plank Specialist can help you find the perfect finish for your new floor.

prefinished wood floor inspection
prefinished wood floor under red couch

Give your floor a beautiful future.

Historically, the choice between prefinished wood flooring vs. site finished wood floors involved trade-offs. Prefinishing was more convenient and far less messy, but often produced a cheap “plastic” look. Site-finishing, on the other hand, allowed the use of finer pigments that could penetrate the wood and enhance the beauty of the grain. Unfortunately, site-finishing is messy and time consuming so we developed Carlisle Custom Coat®, a unique process that enhances the rich character and beauty of your prefinished wood floor by combining time-honored techniques with modern technology and giving you ultimate convenience.

State of the art, fit for a masterpiece.

Just like our commitment to carefully craft every Carlisle floor, we took our time to make sure we could do prefinishing right the first time. Using small batch production, we developed a specialized “three coat” process that protects the value of your investment. It delivers up to three times the durability of site-applied finishes while giving each board a deep hand-rubbed appearance, rather than one that is painted on. It’s a result that no one else can match.

We meticulously sand every inch of your new wide plank wood floors and apply the best available stain and sealer to the freshly sanded wood, under the most ideal conditions. Many of our Collection floors will also have the stain color applied to the side match tongue and a final coat of urethane applied to all 4 sides of the board (not the ends). This industry unique process will hide seasonal gapping as well as create a more moisture resistant floor that will always look like a masterpiece. Please talk with your wide plank specialist as this process is not available on all products or finish choices.

The finish is green.

All Carlisle Custom Coat finishes are designed to be environmentally friendly. It’s not a government mandate, but rather a Carlisle choice. Our finishes contain no measurable VOCs (volatile organic compounds), which can pose a health hazard if they escape into the air.

Guard your masterpiece with TLC.

Follow Carlisle’s cleaning and maintenance instructions to help protect your wide plank floors and maximize your investment. Plus, we offer dustless recoat kits that allow you to touch up your prefinished wood floor, with no sanding required — an easy, convenient way to keep your floor looking beautiful. Visit our Resource Center for more information or go ahead and download our Carlisle Custom Coat and prefinished wood flooring PDF.