Textured engineered wood flooring

Textured engineered wood flooring adds character and charm

Textured engineered wood flooring can reproduce the feeling of old wood floors in spaces where solid wood floors aren’t possible. Engineered floors are designed for installation in basements, on concrete slab or over radiant heating systems – places where solid wood floors would tend to warp or crack. Treating these engineered surfaces with wood floor texture recreates the look of old floorboards that have been lived on for generations, infusing these locations with a greater sense of character and character.

At Carlisle Wide Plank Floors, we produce the finest engineered wood flooring on the market, and our craftsmen are expert at textured wood flooring. Our design consultants can work with you to create one-of-a-kind textured engineered wood flooring that can transform your interior, adding elegance and sophistication to any room.

FAQs: What is textured engineered wood flooring?

What is engineered wood flooring?

Engineered floors are constructed with multiple layers of material glued together to form a strong core that is more resistant to changes in temperature, humidity and moisture. Carlisle engineered wood flooring is made with a thick veneer of hardwood that is adhered to multiple layers of Baltic Birch to form floorboards with the strongest core on the market today. Engineered floors are more suitable for installations below grade or in areas where temperature changes and high levels of humidity and moisture would cause solid wood floors to warp or crack.

What wood works best for engineered floors with texture?

Any wood that can be used to make an engineered floor can be treated with texture. At Carlisle, we offer engineered floors in a variety of hardwoods such as Ash, Birch, Cherry, Hickory, Brown Maple, White Maple, Red Oak, White Oak and Walnut.

Can textured engineered wood flooring be prefinished?

Yes. A prefinished floor is delivered to your home with the floorboards already sanded, textured, stained and sealed. A prefinished floor makes installation faster and less expensive, and lets you avoid the hassle of having your home filled with sawdust and noxious fumes during the sanding and finishing process.

Can engineered floors with texture be stained?

Yes. Carlisle offers a virtually unlimited selection in engineered hardwood colors, as well as clear and amber finishes that let the natural color of the hardwood shine through.

Can textured engineered floors be installed with a pattern?

Yes. At Carlisle, we offer a variety of engineered parquet floors, including Herringbone, Versailles and Chevron engineered wood flooring. Engineered parquet flooring can be treated with a variety of textures and stained with a variety of parquet colors.

Choosing a texture for engineered flooring

When working with textured engineered wood flooring at Carlisle, you’ll have the choice of a variety of techniques for making your new engineered floorboards look like planks that have been lived on for generations.

  • Hand-scraped edges re-create the centuries-old process of smoothing the transition from one board to the next by drawing a plane across the long edge of the plank.
  • Hit or Miss marks replicate the saw kerfs or swirls that were left on floorboards produced at early sawmills.
  • Brushed texturing uses a wood texture brush to wear down the softer grain, un-smoothing the board to create a soft and gently worn texture with very fine brush markings.
  • Watermill techniques recreate the look of boards that were rough sawn at riverside watermills more than a century ago, replicating the rough marks and undulations of boards that were never planed or scraped smooth.
  • Footworn techniques reproduce the undulating patterns of old floorboards that were planed smooth with original woodworking tools like draw knives or Jack Planes.
  • Timeworn texturing recreates the unmistakable patterns in wood that has been naturally worn down by footsteps and the passage of time.

Why Carlisle is #1 in textured engineered wood flooring

Carlisle has been a leader in handcrafted wood flooring for more than a half-century. Today, our textured engineered wood flooring is among the best on the market. Our master craftsmen are experts at applying texture to a wide range of floors, and our engineered flooring products are made with the most stable and durable core available today.

Our craftsmanship is simply unsurpassed in the industry. We take great pride in our time-honored processes, and our artisan woodworkers are equally at home with traditional rustic styles and fashion-forward themes. They understand that every detail of your Carlisle floor is important – from the perfect shade of stain to the nuance of a hand-scraped edge or a brushed wood plank. Throughout the process of designing your textured engineered wood flooring, our knowledgeable design consultants will work with you to make sure your Carlisle floor exceeds your expectations, and that it will be the perfect reflection of your sense of style and beauty.