Textured wood flooring

Your guide to textured wood flooring

When you want to instantly transform a room, textured wood flooring can add immediate character, charm and warmth to any interior. Textured floors are new floors that are made to look like antique surfaces using techniques that recreate the appearance of floorboards that have been lived on for generations.

At Carlisle Wide Plank Floors, we offer a range of wood floor texture treatments for our solid and engineered wood floors. You can choose from a wide assortment of hardwoods or pines, with a virtually unlimited choice of stains and a variety of additional options.

What is textured wood flooring?

Textured wood flooring is a surface treatment for floors made from hardwood or pine planks. Textured wood flooring can simulate the wearing down of the grain due to foot traffic and time. Texturing can also reproduce the saw marks and imperfections of planks that were cut at early sawmills, or the softened edges of boards that were prepared for installation by hand.

What are the benefits of textured floors?

By giving new floorboards an antique, historic or aged appearance, texturing techniques help to create floors with a distinctive look and a sense of heritage and craftsmanship. Contemporary texturing techniques also make it possible for homeowners to choose a light wood flooring texture, while traditional antique floors tend to be limited to darker colors.

What’s the difference between reclaimed and textured wood flooring?

Reclaimed flooring is made with timbers that have been salvaged from old buildings like barns, factories and houses. Reclaimed floors retain all the imperfections in the wood – from the marks created by old sawmills to the stains, watermarks, nail holes, knots and splits that give each plank an unmistakable character. Textured wood flooring uses a variety of techniques to give new boards an old wood floor texture that recreates the look of antique floors, but at a fraction of the cost of reclaimed flooring products.

Carlisle techniques for textured wood flooring

Our expert craftsman can treat our wide plank floors with a variety of handmade surface treatments to customize the appearance of your new floor.

  • Hit or Miss. Boards that were cut at early sawmills were often left with saw swirl markings or kerfs that created a distinctive and individualized appearance. Our custom shop authentically recreates this look with mark that can vary from subtle to prominent for an authentically rustic appearance.
  • Watermill. Floorboards that were rough sawn at riverside watermills more than a century ago often retained saw marks and rough spots that gave these planks a distinctive appearance. Our watermill process recreates this look and adds a brushed texture for a more worn appearance.
  • Hand-scraped edges. When craftsman in earlier centuries prepared boards for installation, they used a knife or plane to scrape the edges of thicker boards to ease the transition to a thinner board. This technique recreates that effect, providing gently beveled edges for the authentically antique look of Colonial hardwood flooring.
  • Footworn. This texture recreates the subtle undulations seen in floors centuries ago.  Prior to machines that planed boards smooth, each plank was smoothed by hand using traditional tools such as large Jack Planes or wood scrapers.  These tools left the unique marks of the specific craftsman in each board. Our craftsmen use specialized tools to hand-sculpt each floorboard, reproducing these subtle patterns.
  • Timeworn. As floors age, they are naturally worn down both by foot traffic and by the passage of time. This technique reproduces the distinguishing patterns that are typical to New England floors that have been lived on for more than three lifetimes.
  • Brushed. This technique uses a wood texture brush to wear away the softer grains in new wood planks, leaving denser grains standing tall to perfectly recreate the worn appearance of an antique floor. Brushed wood flooring at Carlisle can be combined with any other textural treatment to create a distinctive appearance.

More ways to customize your Carlisle floors

While textured wood flooring is a great way to customize your wide plank floor, there are several additional ways you can create a one-of-a-kind flooring surface at Carlisle.

Choosing the wood

We offer 10 species of hardwood and 3 types of pine floors. Each species has a distinctive personality with variations in hues, grain patterns and density.

Selecting the grade

We offer several grades that allow you to choose boards with more character, knots, mineral streaks and color variations for a more distinctive appearance, or boards with less character and more clarity for a more even or formal appearance.

Picking a width

At Carlisle, our widths vary from 4” to 20” planks, with the average width of our wide plank floors at 8”.  Choosing consistent widths produces a more even and uniform floor, while mixing widths randomly adds visual interest.

Opting for pattern

Patterned floors add an immediate sense of elegance and luxury. At Carlisle, we offer Herringbone, Chevron and Versailles patterns as well as custom patterns developed in consultation with our design experts.

Deciding on stain

Tour options for stains at Carlisle are virtually limitless. Our color matching system makes it easy to perfectly match a stain color based on a paint swatch, a bit of fabric, a piece of tile or virtually any other item you bring to us.

Solid vs. engineered

Solid wood floorboards are cut from a single piece of wood, while engineered floors use a fixed veneer of hardwood that’s adhered to multiple layers of backing material to produce a floor that’s more resistant to changes in temperature and humidity. Engineered wood floors from Carlisle are among the most stable and durable products available on the market today.

Carlisle: your best source for textured wood flooring

When you choose textured wood flooring from Carlisle, our consultants will work closely with you to fulfill your vision for a one-of-a-kind surface. We will guide you through all your choices for wood, color, structure and pattern to produce a stunning wide plank floor.

With Carlisle, you can trust that your floor will be the true expression of your sense of style and beauty. For more than half a century, our craftsmen have produced the finest wood floors in America using time-honored techniques that represent the highest levels of craftsmanship. Whether you select a floor from one of our extensive, curated collections or you work with our knowledgeable experts to design your own textured wood flooring, your wide plank floor from Carlisle will become a defining feature of your home that will delight you every time you enter the room.