Trending wood floor colors

Wide plank floors with trending wood floor colors

When it comes to hardwood floors today, stylish homeowners are frequently abandoning traditional natural finishes and opting instead for gray, charcoal and other trending wood floor colors. From whitewashed floorboards to dramatically dark wood floors, these latest fashions offer homeowners a wider palette for designing stylish interiors.

At Carlisle Wide Plank Floors, we provide our customers with the finest hardwood floors in a wide variety of natural and trending wood floor colors. Our design consultants can work with you to explore options for dark hardwood floor colors and grey color hardwood flooring, using our custom color matching system to create a stain color that perfectly matches your vision for a stunning wide plank floor.

What are trending wood floor colors?

Can parquet floors be stained different colors?

Parquet floors are often stained with a variety of colors. Many patterns are accentuated by using woods with different hues. A Versailles pattern wood floor, for example, uses rectangles and squares of different colors to create a design with an interwoven feel. Parquet flooring colors include both natural color and color achieved through stain applications.

What colors are available for Carlisle engineered floors?

Modern engineered wood flooring from Carlisle is available in all the same natural colors and stains that our solid hardwood floors offer. Carlisle engineered floors are made with a thick veneer of hardwood that is adhered to multiple layers of backing material to create a floorboard that is more resistant to changes in temperature and humidity.


What are natural wood floor colors?

Natural wood floor colors are the actual colors of the hardwood used to fashion a floor. Natural colors can be accented with a clear or amber finish. Many customers seeking modern light wood floors opt for the natural hues of hardwoods like Ash, White Maple and White Oak, while customers seeking darker floors frequently choose Cherry, Hickory or Walnut.

What are trending wood floor colors?

Trends in wood floor colors evolve every few years. Current trending wood floor colors include dark grays, charcoals and blacks that provide dramatic appeal, as well as lighter grays that offer a brighter, more neutral appearance. Whitewashed floors are also fashionable today, as are certain lighter natural colors. Other trends in wood flooring include wider planks and texturing techniques that give new floors the appearance of surfaces that have been lived on for several lifetimes.

Carlisle: your #1 source for on-trend floors

At Carlisle, we have been creating the finest floors in America for more than half a century. Every Carlisle wide plank floor is a stunning masterpiece. It’s the perfect reflection of your sense of style and beauty, where every detail is rendered with expertise and passion by our artisan woodworkers. Combining time-honored processes and the most reliable timber grown in American forests, we embrace a level of craftsmanship that is equally at home with traditional rustic floors or surfaces with trending wood floor colors. Whether your floor is selected from one of our extensive curated collections or custom designed to meet your exact vision, it will be fashioned in the same way: one plank at a time.

While quality is our guiding principle in crafting floors, we also strive to offer customer service of exceptional quality for our clients. At Carlisle, you’ll work with design consultants who have the expertise and experience to help you define your unique vision for your floor and identify the wood, grade, structure, width, texture and trending wood floor colors that will make your surface a defining feature of your home.