Types of wood floor patterns

Explore the types of wood floor patterns

When you want to add a sense of luxury and elevated designed to any room, there’s nothing quite like a patterned or parquet wood floor. There are many different types of wood floor patterns, from simple patterns like Herringbone or Chevron to the complex puzzle-like patterns of Versailles or Bordeaux. A parquet floor can be made from virtually any kind of wood, and some patterns use floorboards of different colors to add even greater visual interest.

At Carlisle, our wide plank floors can be fashioned from a wide variety of hardwoods, pines and even reclaimed timbers. You can choose from several standard types of wood floor patterns or work with our team to create your own unique design.

What are wood floor patterns?

What types of wood floor patterns can be use with engineered flooring?

Engineered flooring can be installed in a wide range of standard or custom hardwood floor patterns. At Carlisle, we offer two collections of engineered hardwood floors with a Herringbone pattern that are the perfect choice for installation in areas of high moisture, over radiant heat, on concrete slabs or installations below grade.

Can prefinished floors be installed with different types of wood floor patterns?

Yes. A prefinished floor is ideal for many hardwood patterns as the planks can be finished in the manufacturer’s facility with stronger sealants. A prefinished floor also helps to simplify installation, allowing the homeowner to avoid the mess that accompanies a floor which is sanded, stained and sealed on site.

What wood is best with different types of floor patterns?

Many types of wood can be used for wood floor design patterns, and some installations even use other materials such as marble to add additional texture and visual interest.

Why choose a wood floor pattern?

A pattern gives a wood floor a dramatic sense of elegance and sophistication. Originally, the types of wood floor patterns found in the manors and castles of Europe were designed to show the owner’s wealth. Today, patterned wood floor designs can help to make a floor a central design feature of the space and to create a pleasing visual appearance.

What are wood floor patterns?

Wood floor patterns are the way in which the boards of the wood floor are cut and arranged during installation. Standard wood flooring comes in a parallel, side-by-side pattern, but there are many other types of wood floor patterns to choose from. Wood plank patterns can be used throughout the entire floor, or be employed as accents and borders around the periphery of the space.

Types of wood floor patterns

The types of wood floor patterns are unlimited, as virtually any pattern that a homeowner can envision can be realized during installation. Three of the most common patterns, and the patterns most often chosen by customers at Carlisle, include Herringbone, Chevron and Versailles.

Herringbone is one of the most popular types of wood floor patterns. Floorboards of equal length are laid out in a zigzag pattern, where the end of one board butts up against the next at a right angle. The Herringbone pattern adds a charming sense of movement and energy that brings vitality to any space.

Chevron is another popular angled pattern, but where the ends of each board are cut at an angle so that adjoining boards create a V shape. Like the Herringbone pattern, Chevron has a zigzag appearance, but rather than always being installed with right angles, the boards in a Chevron floor can be installed at different angles by adjusting way the ends of the boards are cut.

Versailles is a highly elegant and somewhat formal pattern inspired by the floors in the palace of King Louis XIV. A Versailles floor is comprised of large patterned squares, with each square made with floorboards arranged in an intricate and interwoven pattern.

At Carlisle, our design experts are always happy to help customers create their own designs for floors or borders.

Carlisle service makes creating wood floor patterns simple

Depending on the type of wood floor pattern, the design and installation process can be a bit more complicated. But at Carlisle, our excellent customer service team makes the process easy. Our designers and specialists are available from start to finish to answer your questions and solve any challenge. We can help to select the wood and the width of the planks for your patterned floor, as well as the texture, color and finish to ensure that your Carlisle floor is everything you dreamed it would be. Carlisle also makes delivery and installation simple, providing detailed instructions for your installers that walk them through everything they’ll need to complete a perfect insulation.

Why choose wood floor patterns from Carlisle?

Available in many types of wood floor patterns, Carlisle wide plank floors offer legendary quality, craftsmanship and elegance, helping to raise the profile of any room in which they’re installed. We know that every detail of your Carlisle floor is important – from the choice of hardwood to the width of each plank and the right shade of stain used to color your floor. Our craftsman and our design specialists take great pride in perfectly realizing those details to create a masterpiece that is truly an expression of your sense of style and taste. Your Carlisle floor will always be a welcome reminder of where you are, every time you enter the room.