Unfinished Birch Flooring

Your guide to unfinished Birch flooring.

Unfinished Birch flooring or Birch floors that are designed to be finished on-site after installation are a highly popular flooring option for homes and businesses alike. Prized for its combination of warm color tones and varying grain patterns, Birch flooring offers an organic feel with dramatic beauty that always feels in style. In tones from pale yellow to light red with brown hues, unfinished Birch flooring often features grain patterns that range from flamelike effects to subtle swirls. Unfinished Birch flooring can be finished on site with a wide variety of stains and colors to match any interior design scheme.

Wide plank Birch flooring adds additional elegance.

Wide plank Birch floors from Carlisle provide high end wood flooring that is unmatched in beauty and elegance. With planks that range from 4-12’ in width, Carlisle Birch hardwood floors are designed to allow the personality of the wood to bloom and to become a design feature. Unfinished Birch flooring with wide planks creates a far less busy feel than traditional commercial flooring, which tends to use strips that are 2 ¼” to 3″ in width and only 3′ to 4′ in length. Wide plank floors are the perfect way to add dramatic flair and visual interest to any home or business.

Why choose unfinished Birch flooring?
Unfinished Birch flooring is the perfect choice when you want a floor that delivers: A floor with lighter hues in its unfinished state.  A floor that feels equally at home in traditional and contemporary design settings. A floor that can be stained in many colors and finishes.

Is unfinished Birch flooring the right choice for you?

While unfinished Birch flooring is an affordable and highly popular choice for high quality hardwood flooring, there are plenty of other options to consider when designing the floor that will sustain your home or business for the next 20 to 30 years.

  • Red Oak is a popular option that comes in exceptional widths and lengths with tight, consistent grain and maximum hardwood.
  • White Oak also offers dense and durable boards with nutty brown hues and dramatic grain patterns.
  • Rift & Quartersawn White Oak features boards with straight parallel lines for a strikingly beautiful floor, thanks to a technique that enables boards to be cut at a 90-degree angle from their growth rings.
  • White Maple is a dense and durable wood with smooth, soft flowing grain that produces stunning floors.
  • Walnut is a sumptuous wood renowned for its complex grain patterns and rich chocolate hues with undertones ranging from purple to yellow.
  • Ash is an incredibly dense and durable hardwood with unique grain patterns and interesting hues.
  • Cherry floors have a rich inviting warmth with lustrous dark red hues.
  • Brown Maple hardwood floors feature rich hues of brown, gold and amber.
  • Hickory is a tough and handsome wood that’s appropriate for everything from modern bungalows to rustic retreats.
  • Reclaimed flooring is made from boards and barnwood planks that are salvaged from old buildings like farms and factories to produce an antique-looking floor with extraordinary personality. In addition to hardwoods, Carlisle also offers Pine flooring options that include Heart Pine, Eastern White Pine and Hit or Miss Pine floors.

Carlisle makes installation of unfinished Birch flooring easy.

At Carlisle, we have more than 50 years experience designing and crafting unfinished Birch floors that can be easily installed in residential and commercial settings. Many installers prefer installing our floors, since with wider and longer boards, there are fewer boards to install overall. Our floors can be installed using nails, staples and/or glue, or direct glue down installation. We also provide helpful tip sheets and resources for installing unfinished Birch flooring on concrete, radiant heat and other surfaces.

Why choose Carlisle for unfinished Birch flooring?

Carlisle has been a leader in wide plank flooring for more than 50 years. Every floor we create is a masterpiece that is the expression of the homeowner or business owner who commissioned it. Our goal with every project is to create a floor that is a defining feature of your space, a stunning work of art in hardwood that delights and pleases you every time you walk through the door. While we are known for our excellence in handcrafting exceptional wide plank floors, our commitment to customer service is equally important to us. Our design consultants and craftsmen are available to assist you at every step in the process, from selecting the right wood and grade to choosing a texture and color, through delivery and installation. Once you take a look at our unfinished Birch flooring and other hardwood floor options, we know you’ll agree that nothing compares to the beauty, density, strength, stability and performance of Carlisle wide plank floor.