Unfinished Hickory Flooring

Your guide to unfinished Hickory flooring.

Unfinished Hickory flooring has become a popular option for flooring surfaces in homes and businesses. Strong and handsome, the appeal of Hickory wood floors it is easy to understand. From whitewashed to dark Hickory flooring, this hardwood product can take virtually any color of stain. Distinctive grain patterns along with mineral streaks and knots that provide more visual interest. And the tensile strength of hardwood Hickory flooring makes it highly resistant to wear and to denting over the years. Unfinished Hickory flooring is recognized for its rich color palette, with cocoa browns and beiges infused with reddish tones that range from copper and cinnamon to vibrant auburn. Available in a variety of surface textures and finishes, unfinished Hickory flooring can create an extremely unique foundation for any site finish desired.

Wide plank unfinished Hickory flooring delivers luxury and elegance.

For a flooring choice that can help create a stunning and spacious feel, consider wide plank unfinished Hickory flooring from Carlisle. Wide plank floors use floorboards that are 4-12″ wide and up to 14′ long. Compare that to standard commercial flooring with boards that are often 2 ¼” wide and 3′ long and you’ll easily understand the appeal of wide plank unfinished Hickory flooring. The width of the boards allows more of the grain and personality of the wood to be revealed, while also producing fewer seams in the floor for a less busy look. Wide plank floors provide a sense of luxurious elegance and visual beauty, elevating what would otherwise be a simple floor into a central design feature of a home or business.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is engineered Hickory flooring?

Engineered Hickory flooring is a floor made with boards containing multiple layers of material, as opposed to solid Hickory flooring which is made with boards cut from a single piece of wood. Engineered Hickory flooring features a top layer of Hickory which is glued to multiple layers of plywood, fiberboard or hardwood beneath to create a solid core. Engineered floors are more impervious to changes in temperature and humidity where relative humidity tends to be higher on average, making them ideal for installation in basements, on concrete slabs and over radiant heat systems.

Can unfinished Hickory flooring be textured or distressed?

Unfinished Hickory flooring can be distressed to give floorboards an aged and worn appearance that adds personality and character to any floor. Handscraped Hickory flooring is produced with techniques that mimic the actions sawyers used more than a century ago to create boards with straight edges. Hit or Miss techniques add the kind of saw marks that many floorboards used to exhibit, while timeworn, footworn and brushed techniques help to contour edges and give floorboards a comfortably worn and weathered look.

Can unfinished Hickory flooring be customized?

Unfinished Hickory flooring can easily be customized with a wide variety of stain colors and textures. Unlike many flooring companies offering a limited selection of colors, Carlisle offers a virtually unlimited assortment of color possibilities to meet any design need.

How do I clean unfinished Hickory flooring?

You should avoid cleaning unfinished Hickory flooring with anything other than a broom, as you’ll want to keep water away from the unfinished wood. After it has been sealed, a Hickory floor can be easily cleaned with a mixture of vinegar and water (1 or 2 ounces of vinegar to 2 gallons of water) a solution that is safe both for floors and for the environment.

What’s the difference between prefinished and unfinished Hickory flooring?

Unfinished Hickory flooring is delivered to a home or business without stain or protective sealant. Once it has been installed on site, it must be sanded, stained and sealed, a messy and time-consuming process that often requires a home or business to be unoccupied for a day or more. Prefinished Hickory flooring is sanded, stained and sealed at the factory and delivered to a site ready for installation. While some prefinished flooring has a cheap or plastic look, Carlisle has developed a unique refinishing process that brings out the beauty of the wood and is virtually indistinguishable from a floor finished on site.

How hard is unfinished Hickory flooring?

Unfinished Hickory flooring has a Janka hardness rating of 1820, which makes it among the hardest hardwoods that are commonly used for flooring materials. In contrast, Maple is rated 1450, White Oak is rated 1360, and Red Oak has a hardness rating of 1290.

Expect stellar service for unfinished Hickory flooring from Carlisle.

When you come to Carlisle for unfinished agree flooring, you’ll experience a new level of customer service. From your first conversation with our design team through the all the choices you’ll make as you create and customize a stunning Hickory floor, we’ll be there to answer questions and offer guidance every step of the way. Our overriding goal is to make sure you’re ecstatic about your Carlisle floor as well as the process that produced it. Our team will help you find the right floor for your space, your budget and your since of style, and we’ll manage every detail to make sure your Carlisle floor lives up to your high expectations and ours.

Carlisle: your #1 source for unfinished Hickory flooring.

Carlisle has been the premier source for unfinished Hickory flooring and other wide plank products since 1966. We’ve built our business on one guiding principle: to create handcrafted wide plank flooring of unparalleled quality. From our relationships with timber growers and sawyers who share our commitment to sustainability and a forest-to-floor ethic, to our expert craftsman who painstakingly scour every piece of timber to find the perfect boards for your floor, our commitment to excellence ensures that you’ll end up with a one-of-a-kind work of art in wood that is a reflection of your style, and masterpiece that will serve as the setting for your life for years to come.