Versailles wood flooring

The elegance of Versailles hardwood flooring

Hardwood floors with a Versailles pattern have been gracing the interiors of stylish homes, palaces and castles since the 17th century. Named for the famed floors in the palace of King Louis XIV, Versailles hardwood flooring exudes elegance and luxury, adding sophistication to any interior.

At Carlisle Wide Plank Floors, we offer Versailles wood flooring in a wide range of hardwoods. Our expert design consultants can help you explore all your options for parquet floors, and work with you to create a surface that will transform your interior and become a central and defining feature of your home.

What is Versailles hardwood flooring?
Versailles hardwood flooring is a hardwood floor that is installed with a Versailles pattern, in which smaller pieces of wood are fit together like a puzzle to form large squares of wood with an interwoven effect.

What are the benefits of Versailles hardwood flooring?
Versailles wood floor pattern adds enormous visual appeal to any floor, along with a greater sense of elegance.

Can engineered floors be installed with Versailles pattern?
Yes. Carlisle offers Versailles engineered flooring in a wide variety of hardwoods. With a stronger core that is resistant to changes in temperature and humidity, engineered floors are ideal for installation in basements, over radiant heat and on concrete slab.

Can Versailles hardwood flooring be prefinished?
Yes. The prefinishing process is ideal for Versailles flooring and other parquet patterns, as all the intricate work of cutting, sanding, staining, ceiling and piecing the floor together can take place in the ideal and protected conditions of our woodworking facility. An engineered floor arrives at your home ready for a fast installation, and you’ll be able to avoid the mess, odor and inconvenience of having your floor finished on site.

What kind of wood is best for Versailles flooring?
Versailles surfaces can be made from any wood that is normally used to make hardwood floors. Our hardwoods include Ash, Birch, Brown and White Maple, Hickory, Cherry, Walnut, Red Oak and White Oak, which many customers choose as an alternative to Versailles European White Oak flooring.

Versailles and other parquet patterns from Carlisle

At Carlisle, our options for parquet floors include Versailles hardwood flooring as well as Herringbone and Chevron floors.

Versailles pattern wood floor is created with a number of small blocks of square, rectangular and triangular floor boards that are fitted together like a puzzle that’s bounded by planks on four sides to create a large square with interlacing diagonals in the middle. The individual pieces may be stained in different colors or they may be made of different materials to heighten the 3D effect of the parquet pattern. Versailles hardwood flooring adds a great sense of sophistication to any room.

The Herringbone pattern is created with boards of equal length and width, where each board meets another at a 90° angle to form a zigzag pattern. Herringbone has a pleasing asymmetry to its geometry, and the angled pattern creates a wonderful sense of movement and energy as well as significant visual appeal.

A Chevron pattern has a similar zigzag appearance, but the ends of each board are cut at an angle so that they form a perfect V shape when one board meets another. The effect is multiple columns of arrow-like Chevrons, creating a somewhat cleaner and more formal look that still has a great deal of movement and energy in the geometry.

Our design consultants can also work with you to explore other well-known parquet patterns or to create a floor with a custom pattern that makes your Carlisle floor a truly unique surface.

Choosing Versailles hardwood flooring with help from Carlisle

While you’ll love living on Versailles hardwood flooring from Carlisle, we think you’ll also be delighted by the process of designing your Carlisle floor. From your first phone call or visit to a showroom through the installation of your finished floor, our extraordinary design consultants will answer every question, offer expert guidance and walk you through the process of creating a masterpiece that will grace your home for years to come. If you know exactly what you want, our team will do everything in their power to help you realize that vision. And if you’re new to wide plank flooring and interested in exploring your options, we’ll help you choose the wood, grade, color, texture and Versailles pattern to create a floor that will astonish and amaze you every time you enter the room.

What makes Carlisle #1 in exceptional flooring?

For more than half a century, Carlisle has been a leader in innovative flooring surfaces, handcrafting the finest wide plank floors in the country. Using time-honored processes and the finest raw materials available, our master craftsmen produce floors that are the perfect expression of your sense of style and beauty, crafting every detail with passion, pride and purpose. Our forest-to-floor ethic allows us to harvest the soundest and most reliable timber from America’s finest forests, while reducing waste and preserving natural resources. Every Carlisle floor is a masterpiece in wood that becomes a central design element of the home where it is installed.