Versailles wood flooring

The sophistication of Versailles wood flooring

When you want to add elegance and sophistication to your interior, Versailles wood flooring brings an immediate sense of luxury and visual appeal to any room. Named for the floors in the French Palace of Versailles, surfaces with a Versailles pattern wood floor have been gracing homes, châteaus and villas since the 17th century. Today, homeowners choose Versailles wood flooring when they want a unique and stylish surface that can become a stunning design feature for their home.

At Carlisle Wide Plank Floors, we’ve been handcrafting Versailles flooring and other fine wood floors for more than 50 years. Our expert design consultants will work closely with you to select the wood, color and pattern for your Versailles wood flooring, and walk you through all your other options to create a surface that will transform your interior.

The beauty of Versailles wood flooring and other parquet patterns

In addition to Versailles hardwood flooring, we offer additional parquet products such as Herringbone and Chevron floors that add a sense of elegance and luxury to any room.

The Versailles wood floor pattern is created with floorboards that are cut into small squares, rectangles and triangles. These pieces are fit like a puzzle to create a large square shape with diagonals that provide a 3D interwoven appearance. The pieces can be stained different colors or made with different materials to highlight the intricacy of the pattern.

In a Herringbone floor, the boards are cut to equal widths and lengths and laid out in a zigzag pattern where each board meets another at a 90° angle. The pattern has an overlapping effect and a pleasing asymmetry that adds great visual appeal to the floor as well as a sense of movement and energy.

A Chevron floor also uses floorboards laid out in a zigzag pattern, but the ends of each board are cut at an angle so that two boards form a V shape when they meet. The result is several columns of arrow-shaped Chevrons that run the length of the room, producing a cleaner and more formal appearance than a Herringbone floor.

Carlisle design consultants can also work with you to create a custom parquet pattern all your own for a truly one-of-a-kind wide plank floor.

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What is Versailles wood flooring?

What is Versailles flooring?

A Versailles floor is a parquet wood floor with an intricate interwoven pattern made of floorboards that are cut into squares, rectangles and triangles and fit together like a puzzle. The pattern originated in the 17th century in the Palace of Versailles of the French King Louis XIV and it has been installed in stylish homes, villas and manors around the world ever since.

What type of wood works best for Versailles floors?

Any wood that is typically used for a hardwood floor can be installed in a Versailles pattern. At Carlisle, our hardwoods include Ash, Birch, Cherry, Walnut, Brown Maple, White Maple, Hickory, Red Oak and White Oak. Our White Oak is grown in the US and is a popular alternative to Versailles European White Oak flooring.

Can Versailles wood flooring be textured?

Yes. We offer a variety of techniques for textured wood flooring that can make new floorboards appear as if they are fashioned from older timbers, giving your Versailles floor an additional level of character.

Can an engineered floor be installed with a Versailles pattern?

Yes. We offer engineered floors in a wide range of hardwoods, and our engineered products can be installed in a variety of patterns. Carlisle produces engineered floorboards with the most stable core available today, making these floors ideal for installation in basements, on concrete slab and over radiant heat.

Can Versailles wood flooring be prefinished?

Yes. At Carlisle, your Versailles floor can be prefinished at our facility in New Hampshire, where we can cut, sand, stain and seal all the floorboards before shipping them to your site for installation. With a prefinished floor, the time and cost of installation is lower, and you can avoid the odor, mess and inconvenience that are typically the result of finishing a floor on site.

What are the benefits of Versailles wood flooring?

Versailles wood flooring adds an immediate sense of elegance and luxury to a room. It also makes the floor a central design element and a strong point of focus within the room.

What is Versailles wood flooring?

Versailles wood flooring is a patterned or parquet floor installed with the Versailles pattern, which originated in the 17th century in the palace of King Louis XIV of France. The pattern has an intricate geometry that provides great visual appeal.

Design your Versailles wood flooring with Carlisle

Carlisle is the #1 choice for the finest products in Versailles wood flooring. For more than half a century, we have handcrafted wide plank floors by relying on time-honored processes and the highest quality raw materials available. We know every detail of your floor is critical – from the perfect color of stain to the grain patterns in each plank and the intricate cuts and assembly of your Versailles pattern. A Carlisle floor is designed to be the perfect reflection of your sense of style, and a unique masterpiece that is crafted specifically for you with passion, pride and purpose.

With Carlisle, you can have confidence that your floor has been produced with a commitment to sustainable forestry. Our forest-to-floor ethic enables us to work with timber growers and sawyers who help us uphold the highest standards of sustainability, preserving natural resources even as we harvest the most reliable timber from America’s finest forests.