Walnut Floors

Your guide to the beauty of Walnut floors.

There’s nothing quite as sumptuous as the rich, dark appearance of Walnut floors. One of the most popular types of hardwood, American Walnut flooring features lighter-colored sapwood and darker heartwood with chocolate hues, surprising auburn undertones and complex grain patterns, creating spectacular floors with or without stain. The color of Walnut floors can darken over time, creating a patina of rich mocha that adds stunning beauty to any residential or commercial setting.

What are wide plank Walnut floors?

Wide plank Walnut floors – like those available from Carlisle Wide Plank Floors – provide a dramatic alternative to traditional commercial Walnut hardwood flooring. Created with boards that range in width from 8″ to 16″ or more, wide plank Walnut floors make a stunning design element that adds luxury and visual appeal to any room. Wide plank flooring has far fewer seams than traditional floors (which use boards that are often no more than 3″ wide), giving the floor a more elegant and less busy look. And wide plank Walnut floors ultimately allow the personality of the wood and grain to fully emerge, turning your floor into a central feature of your home or business.

Why choose Walnut floors?

Carlisle customers select Walnut floors because they want:

  • The rich and dramatic beauty of dark Walnut floors.
  • A wood that is suitable for any design, from rustic country kitchen to elegantly formal sitting room or high-rise city loft – and everything in between.
  • A floor that is easy to stain in a wide variety of colors.
  • A hardwood floor that adds value to a home – Walnut floors are considered a luxury design element and can provide good return on investment.

Installing Carlisle walnut floors is easy.

Most installers love working with Walnut floors like those from Carlisle, as wider and longer boards mean there are actually fewer boards to install. Also, our remarkable attention to detail and our commitment to excellence means your Walnut floors will be produced to your exact specifications, ensuring there are no problems fitting the boards into your room during installation. Our floors can be installed using a combination of industry-excepted methods, including nails, staples, glue or direct glue down.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I customize Walnut floors?

Wide plank Walnut floors from Carlisle can easily be customized with a wide variety of stain colors or installed in a variety of patterns to create a more visually compelling appearance. Your choice of width can also customize your Walnut floors – consistent widths create a uniform look, while varying the widths can create a more unique style.

What are rift and quartersawn Walnut floors?

Rift and quartersawn Walnut floors are a type of flooring made from Walnut boards that have been cut with a special technique that creates straighter, more uniform grain patterns. Rift sawn lumber is cut at a 90° angle from the outside edge of the timber. Because every plank is cut on an angle that intersects the center of the tree, grain patterns have very few “rays” or “flecks” in the boards.

Can Walnut floors be textured?

Walnut floors can easily be textured or distressed to give them the appearance of an older floor. At Carlisle, we offer hand scraped Walnut floors along with floors that have a timeworn or foot worn appearance, and techniques for giving floors the saw kerf marks that were once the hallmark of old-time mills.

Any suggestions for how to care for Walnut floors?

You can clean Walnut floors as you would clean any other hardwood floor. One of the best solutions is a mixture of vinegar and water – vinegar’s natural acidity helps to loosen dirt and contaminants. For a stronger cleaning solution, you can use a product like LOBA Hardwood Floor Cleaner.

Can Walnut floors be stained?

Yes. Walnut floors can be easily stained to a variety of colors.

What are engineered Walnut floors

Engineered Walnut floors are made with a top veneer of Walnut hardwood that is glued to a backing material made of multiple layers of plywood, fiberboard or another hardwood. This multi-layered construction forms a solid core that can better resist greater-than-average changes in temperature, humidity and moisture. Engineered Walnut floors are the perfect choice for installation in basements, over radiant heating systems and on concrete slabs. Engineered Walnut floors are not appropriate for locations where relative humidity may drop below 30%.

What are prefinished Walnut floors?

Prefinished Walnut floors are floors made from Walnut wood that has been sanded, stained and sealed at a manufacturer’s facility rather than being finished after installation in a home or business. Using prefinished Walnut floors can help make installation faster and less costly, while also enabling you to skip the mess and inconvenience of sanding, staining and sealing the floor on site.

How strong are Walnut floors?

Walnut floors have a Janka hardness rating of 1010, making them among the softer options in hardwood flooring – stronger than Black Cherry but not as strong as Heart Pine, Yellow Birch or Red Oak.

What’s the difference between American Walnut and black Walnut floors?

American Walnut and black Walnut floors are the same thing – flooring made from American black Walnut hardwood.

Why choose Carlisle for Walnut floors?

For more than half century, Carlisle has been among the world leaders in wide plank flooring for two simple reasons: the remarkable quality of our work and the exceptional quality of our customer service.

From Ash to Maple to Cherry to Walnut, every Carlisle floor is a masterpiece created in wood and painstakingly handcrafted to make sure every detail is perfect. Our skilled craftsmen live and breathe hardwood flooring – they painstakingly inspect every board and every grain pattern to find the boards that best match your floor. Never taking shortcuts, we produce Walnut floors through a custom process that allows us to create visually arresting floors that are unmistakably Carlisle.

Our customer service is second to none. From the first time you speak with a design consultant through placing your order, receiving your delivery and having your floors installed, our team is available at every step to answer questions, provide guidance and make sure your floor truly exceeds your expectations.