White Oak Herringbone Floor

The allure of a White Oak herringbone floor

When you want a floor that makes a statement, a White Oak herringbone floor combines extraordinary visual appeal with warmth and a sense of luxury. Herringbone pattern wood flooring has graced castles, manors, palaces and stylish homes for hundreds of years, and today it is as popular as ever.

At Carlisle Wide Plank Floors, we help clients choose from the many options for White Oak herringbone floors to create a unique surface that is the perfect expression of their sense of style and beauty.

FAQs: Your Guide to White Oak Herringbone Floors

Can White Oak herringbone floors be made from engineered wood?

White Oak engineered floorboards can be easily installed in a herringbone pattern, and Carlisle offers two collections of White Oak engineered flooring with herringbone patterns. Our Studio Herringbone Collection provides a classic vibe for urban spaces, with floors and stains that are ideal for industrial flats or penthouse lofts. Our Manhattan Herringbone Collection features Rift & Quartersawn White Oak herringbone floors in six on-trend colors to create a stunning backdrop for a cosmopolitan lifestyle.

Do White Oak herringbone floors come prefinished?

White Oak herringbone floors from Carlisle can be ordered as a prefinished product, enabling our craftsmen to meticulously cut, sand, stain and seal the floorboards in our own facility before shipping the finished boards to you. Prefinished herringbone wood flooring makes installation much easier and faster, and lets you avoid the inconvenience of having your floors sanded and stained in your home.

Why choose White Oak herringbone flooring?

White Oak is a beautiful and sought-after hardwood featuring nutty brown and cocoa hues with dramatic grain patterns that range from simple and sleek to intricate and vibrant swirls. White Oak hardwood is also exceptionally durable, while the herringbone pattern adds a feeling of luxury and elevated design to any room.

What is a wide plank herringbone floor?

A wide plank floor is a hardwood floor that uses floorboards which are considerably wider than the 2 ¼” to 3″ boards found in standard commercial flooring. A wide plank floor may use boards that are as wide as 12”, though wide herringbone flooring will typically use planks that are closer to 4” or wider.

What is a White Oak herringbone floor?

A White Oak herringbone floor is a hardwood floor made with floorboards cut from the White Oak tree, which is found throughout eastern and central North America. The floorboards are laid out in a herringbone pattern which uses boards of equal length to create a zigzag pattern, where each board meets another at a right angle. The pattern produces a visually appealing floor with a pleasing kind of asymmetry and a nice sense of movement and energy.

How to customize your herringbone floor

At Carlisle, we make it possible to customize your herringbone wood floor in a number of ways to create a surface that is truly unique.

A choice of woods

In addition to White Oak, we offer a variety of other hardwood species that each have their own personality. Ash floors offer striking grain patterns and warm hues in light blonde to rich nutty brown, while Birch features grain patterns with subtle swirls and flamelike effects. Cherry is prized for its deep glowing red or burnished auburn color, and Red Oak boasts tight grain patterns and deep salmon hues. Walnut has rich chocolate hues while Brown Maple provides floors with rich gold and amber tones with brown streaks. Additionally, we offer several varieties of Pine and options for reclaimed timbers that can be installed with a herringbone pattern.

Stain colors

While many flooring companies offer only a limited range of stain colors, you’ll find your options are virtually unlimited at Carlisle. We offer a collection of classic stains from light Whitewash Fence to smoky Blacksmith, and our color matching system lets us create stains in any hue so you can match your perfect color.

Texture of the floorboards

Texturing or distressing your White Oak herringbone floor adds another layer of personality, giving the floor a sense of age and character. Our craftsmen use techniques like Hit or Miss marks that recreate the swirls and kerfs from the saws at old-time sawmills. Hand-scraped edges re-create the soft look of boards that were fashioned before the age of machines, while our Footworn and Timeworn techniques give new floors the look of surfaces that have been lived on for generations.

Carlisle: the finest handcrafted floors in the industry

Carlisle has been producing exceptional wide plank floors for more than 50 years. Using time-honored processes with planks sourced from the soundest and most reliable timber grown in America’s forests, we create floors with a level of craftsmanship that is equally at home with traditional rustic themes and fashion-forward styles. We know that every detail of your Carlisle floor is important – from choosing the perfect board for every plank to matching the ideal stain color or adding a hand-scraped edge. And whether you choose to work with our design consultants to create a herringbone pattern wood floor that matches your vision or you select a floor from one of our curated collections, your Carlisle floor will be crafted in the same way – one plank at a time.