White Pine Flooring

Your guide to Eastern White Pine flooring from Carlisle.

Eastern White Pine flooring has been a staple of American architecture since the New England colonists discovered the beauty and utility of this wood. While Eastern White Pine was widely used for structural beams, siding and interior wainscoting, the width and length of the boards that could be cut from these trees made White Pine highly in demand for flooring. Today, White Pine flooring is a frequent choice for home and business owners who want a floor with a sense of Old-World heritage and rustic charm. The smooth grain and beautiful knots along with the wide variety of finish possibilities have made White Pine flooring extremely popular for a range of interior designs.

In this introduction to Eastern White Pine flooring, you’ll find answers to frequently asked questions as well as details about the many options for Pine flooring available from Carlisle Wide Plank Floors.

Carlisle makes installing your White Pine flooring simple.

Because it uses many less boards than traditional commercial flooring, wide plank White Pine flooring from Carlisle can be installed more quickly and easily. In fact, installers often prefer working with Carlisle floors because of the precision and care with which our craftsman prepare the planks. Carlisle White Pine flooring can be installed using any combination of glue, nails and/or staples, or with direct glue down. Prefinished White Pine flooring makes the process even faster, as there is no sanding, staining or finishing required. Upon placing your order, we provide valuable tip sheets for installers that can help to ensure proper installation techniques to maximize the beauty and durability of your new Carlisle wide plank floor.

Why choose Carlisle for White Pine flooring?

Carlisle has been a global leader in producing wide plank floors for more than 50 years. Today our exceptional products are found around the globe in museums, restaurants, boutiques and beautiful homes. Our business and reputation have been built on two overriding objectives: to produce floors of the highest quality and to provide a remarkable customer experience.

Every Carlisle floor is a masterpiece that has been handcrafted by New England artisans with a love and feel for fine wood. Carlisle craftsman pour over each plank to discover the story it tells through grain pattern and color variation, and they excel at choosing the perfect planks that will make your White Pine flooring a true reflection of your aesthetic and sense of style.

Our customer service team is second to none. Their goal is to make sure that the process of designing your White Pine flooring is as exciting and pleasurable as living on it. From selecting the right wood and color to placing your order and receiving your delivery, our team is available anytime to answer questions, provide expert guidance and make sure every detail is perfect.

Frequently Asked Questions

What other Pine flooring options does Carlisle offer?

In addition to White Pine flooring, Carlisle offers:

  • Heart Pine flooring that features a warm patina with rich colors ranging from pumpkin and amber to darker hues along with alluring grain lines, beautiful knots and a density that rivals Red Oak.
  • Hit or Miss Pine floors, a distressed flooring option that features the saw marks or “kerfs” that reproduce the look of boards cut at early sawmills.
  • Reclaimed Heart Pine, also known as antique Heart Pine flooring, that adds a classic look to any space and features a rich color palette with strong grain.

What is prefinished White Pine flooring?

Prefinished floors are delivered ready for installation – no sanding, staining or sealing required. Those tasks are all completed in the Carlisle warehouse, enabling you to avoid the mess of sawdust, the odor of sealants and the need to vacate your home or business while your floor is finished. Prefinished White Pine or prefinished Heart Pine flooring from Carlisle also help to reduce the time and cost required for installation.

What is distressed White Pine flooring?

Distressed floors recreate the look of older, antique or reclaimed floors by treating new floorboards with a variety of techniques. These include adding hand scraped edges to reproduce the appearance of boards that were scraped by hand before installation or adding the kind of saw marks that were once seen on boards cut at early sawmills. At Carlisle, our craftsmen also use several proprietary techniques to gently wear down boards to give them the appearance of wood that has been lived on for several lifetimes.

What is reclaimed Pine flooring?

Reclaimed floors use floorboards that have been salvaged from old buildings that are soon to be demolished. Full of nail holes, saw marks, discoloration and other imperfections, reclaimed floors have a timeworn beauty that instantly adds a sense of history and heritage to a room.

What are the benefits of White Pine flooring?

Carlisle customers typically choose White Pine flooring when they want:

  • A floor with a rustic feel. White Pine flooring evokes the rustic elegance of early American interiors.
  • An historically accurate floor. Nearly all Colonial Era Homes in New England used extremely wide Eastern White Pine for the original floor.
  • A more affordable choice. Pine flooring can often be purchased for as little as half the cost of hardwood floors.

What is wide plank Pine flooring?

Wide plank Pine floors feature floorboards that are much wider and longer than the planks used in standard commercial floors. Ranging from 5″ to 20″ in width and up to 16′ in length, the floorboards in a wide plank floor reveal much more of the personality and grain patterns of the wood. Wide Pine plank flooring also has many fewer seams between floorboards, making the floor seem less busy and the room seem more spacious.

What is Eastern White Pine flooring?

Eastern White Pine flooring is a surface made with floorboards that had been cut from Eastern White Pine trees. While White Pine is technically a softwood, Eastern White Pine flooring is nevertheless a strong and durable flooring option that becomes harder through wear. White Pine flooring features dense, signature grain and subtle knots, with hues that range from light brown or slightly reddish in the heartwood to pale yellow or nearly white in the sapwood.