Wide herringbone flooring

Wide herringbone flooring adds luxury and elegance

When you want a floor with a luxurious elegance that will truly distinguish your interior, a wide plank herringbone floor may be the perfect choice. The herringbone flooring pattern has been a favorite of homeowners since the it was first used for flooring in the castles and palaces of 16th century Europe. Today, wide herringbone flooring is being installed in some of the finest residential and commercial interiors around the world, using wider floorboards to add even more visual appeal.

When you’re ready to explore the possibilities of a herringbone hardwood floor, the design consultants at Carlisle Wide Plank Floors can help you choose from the many options for wood, color, texture and structure, enabling you to design a floor that is the perfect reflection of your sense of style and taste.

Choosing the wood for your wide herringbone flooring

Wide herringbone flooring from Carlisle can be fashioned from any of our hardwood, pine or reclaimed timbers. Each species or type of floorboard offers different natural coloring, grain patterns and other features that give it – and your wide plank floor – a distinct personality.

  • Ash floors have meandering grain patterns and warm color tones that range from cream to light blonde to rich nutty brown, with a density that makes this wood quite durable.
  • Brown Maple floors are prized for their hardness and durability and feature subtle and consistent grain patterns with distinctive brown streaks in the heartwood.
  • White Maple floors have cleaner and lighter hues with strikingly beautiful grain patterns that resemble flowing water.
  • White Oak floors have dramatic grain patterns and nutty brown or cocoa hues that can easily absorb any stain color.
  • Red Oak floors feature boards with a tight, consistent grain pattern and salmon-red hues in the heartwood.
  • Rift & Quartersawn White Oak uses special cutting techniques that result in straight parallel lines that run the entire length of each plank and feature vibrant ray flecks that radiate across each board.
  • Cherry floors boast rich, deep red tones and subtle but distinctive flowing grain patterns.
  • Hickory floors have rich cocoa brown and beige hues that add warmth to any room, along with a tensile strength that rivals steel.
  • Walnut floors have complex grain patterns with a rich chocolate hue and undertones that range purple to yellow.
  • Reclaimed hardwood timbers are salvaged from old buildings, farms and factories to create floors that have a warm, antique appearance.

FAQs: all the details on wide plank herringbone flooring

What is herringbone flooring?

Herringbone flooring is a hardwood floor where the planks are installed in a herringbone pattern, with each board joining the next at a right angle to form a zigzag pattern. The pleasing asymmetry and sense of movement in a herringbone wood floor adds great visual interest to any room.

What is wide plank flooring?

A wide plank is a hardwood floor made with floorboards that are wider and longer than the standard commercial flooring, which is usually 2¼”to 3” wide and up to 4’ long. Wide plank floors may use boards up to 12” wide, though wide herringbone flooring will tend to use boards that are 4” in width or wider

Can wide herringbone floors be prefinished?

The prefinishing process is a great option for a wide herringbone floor, as all the meticulous detail work of cutting, sanding, staining and sealing the wood can take place in the ideal conditions of Carlisle, rather than in your home. Our Carlisle Custom Coat® process produces prefinished herringbone wood flooring that looks and feels like floors finished on-site, without all the mess and inconvenience created when a floor must be sanded, stained and sealed after installation.

Can wide herringbone flooring be made with engineered wood?

Wide herringbone flooring can easily be installed with engineered wood, which uses boards made with a veneer of hardwood that’s glued to multiple layers of backing material. The result is a floor that can easily stand up to conditions where more moisture and humidity are present. Carlisle offers two collections of engineered wide herringbone flooring, and we can also custom design an engineered herringbone floor.

Carlisle: the #1 source for wide plank flooring

What makes Carlisle the most trusted source for wide herringbone flooring and other types of wide plank floors? In a word, excellence. For more than 50 years, our artisan woodworkers have been handcrafting the finest wood floors in America, using time-honored processes and wood planks sourced from the soundest and most reliable timber grown in America’s forests. Equally at home with rustic themes or fashion-forward styles, our craftsmen attend to every detail of your floor to make sure it is a true realization of your vision for the surface on which your life will be lived. Every Carlisle herringbone pattern wood floor is unique, crafted one plank at a time to produce a masterpiece that is a defining feature of any home, and a beautiful work of art in wood that will astonish and delight you for years to