Wide plank herringbone floor

Luxurious wide plank herringbone floors

A wide plank herringbone floor provides a truly stunning surface that adds a sense of luxury to any room. Made with floorboards that are much wider than standard commercial flooring, a wide plank herringbone hardwood floor elevates the design aesthetic of any interior while adding a feeling of warmth and movement to the space.

Carlisle Wide Plank Floors, a leading provider of handcrafted wood floors, provides a range of herringbone wood floor options and other parquet patterns. Whether you’re looking for solid wood, engineered or prefinished herringbone wood flooring, you’ll find floors made with the finest materials and time-honored processes that enable us to produce one-of-a-kind masterpieces in wood.

Which wood works best for a wide plank herringbone floor?

A wide plank herringbone floor can be made with essentially any type of floorboard. At Carlisle, we create parquet flooring from a number of hardwood, pine, or reclaimed timbers that each offer different grain patterns, colors and personality.

  • Ash is quite dense and durable and features unique grain patterns and hues from cream to light blonde to rich nutty brown.
  • Birch features rich reddish-brown tones in the heartwood and grain patterns that range from subtle swirls to flames that seem to dance across the board.
  • Brown Maple offers hues of gold and amber with rich brown streaks in the heartwood.
  • Cherry has a deep glowing red color that darkens as it ages.
  • Hickory is tough as nails yet incredibly handsome, with interesting grain patterns that make this wood quite versatile.
  • Red Oak features deep salmon tones in the heartwood and tight, consistent grain.
  • Walnut has rich chocolate hues with surprising auburn undertones and complex grain patterns.
  • White Maple offers cleaner and lighter hues with smooth, soft flowing grain patterns.
  • White Oak makes dense and durable boards with nutty brown hues and dramatic grain patterns.
  • Rift & Quartersawn White Oak features boards cut at a 90-degree angle from the center of the tree to produce straight parallel lines for a strikingly beautiful floor.
  • Pine floors include Eastern White Pine, Heart Pine and Hit or Miss Pine floors.
  • Reclaimed timbers are salvaged from old buildings, farms and factories to produce flooring with a one-of-a-kind antique look.

FAQs: Your guide to wide plank herringbone floors

What is engineered wide plank herringbone flooring?

An engineered wide plank herringbone floor is made with engineered hardwood floorboards that have a layer of hardwood glued to multiple layers of backing to form a floor that is more stable in locations where high moisture may be an issue. Carlisle offers two collections that feature White Oak herringbone floor options. Our Studio Herringbone Collection pairs urban styling with traditional herringbone patterns in floors with five color options, while our Manhattan Herringbone Collection offers a classic look for contemporary or traditional spaces, with six on-trend colors.

What is a wide plank herringbone floor?

A wide plank herringbone floor uses floorboards are much wider than the standard 2 ¼” to 3″ planks used in commercial flooring. The boards used in a wide plank floor made be as much as 12” wide, creating far fewer seams in the room and producing a stunning, less busy appearance. A wide plank herringbone floor will typically use floorboards that are 4” in width or wider.

What is a herringbone floor?

A herringbone pattern wood floor is installed with a zigzag pattern where each board meets the next at a right angle, rather than being laid out side-by-side in parallel strips.

Carlisle: the finest wide plank floors in America

Carlisle has been producing exceptional wood floors for more than 50 years. Every one of our floors is unique and reflects the natural beauty of the timber sourced from America’s finest forests. Handcrafted with passion, purpose and pride by our artisan woodworkers, a Carlisle floor is a true expression of the homeowner’s sense of style and taste, and a defining feature of the home that will continue to impress and astonish for years.

Our commitment to sustainable forestry practices means we work with timber growers who share our ideals and with a small group of sawyers who uphold the highest standards of sustainability. By crafting one floor at a time and avoiding mass production, we reduce waste and preserve natural resources while ensuring the beauty and quality of every floor we produce.