Wood Color Floors

Choosing the perfect color for wood floors

Deciding on the right wood color for your floors can be a challenge. After all, the color of your floor sets the tone for the energy in a room and helps determine all the other color choices for furniture, rugs, walls and trim. And because changing the color of your floor is not an easy task, you want to make sure your first choice is a good one.

At Carlisle Wide Plank Floors, our design consultants are experts at helping you to explore all your options before narrowing your choices and picking the right color. Whether it’s one of our classic wood floor colors that lets the natural beauty of the wood shine through, or the application of a stain for a more on-trend appearance, our team can help you select the light, medium or dark wood color floors that are the perfect match for your aesthetic.

How to choose the right wood color for floors?

Do Carlisle engineered floors come in different colors?

Carlisle engineered floors can be finished in the natural color of the hardwood or stained to virtually any color. We offer modern engineered wood flooring that is perfectly suited to urban lofts and bright modern design, along with engineered floors with a more traditional feel that are perfect for more formal or historic spaces.

What colors work well with parquet floors?

Parquet floors can be finished with virtually any color, depending on your design scheme and the feeling you want your floors to evoke. Parquet colors can be consistent throughout the floor, or they can use alternate light and dark woods to accentuate the pattern. The Versailles wood floor pattern, for example, is renowned for its use of different colored woods or even different types of material to create an intricate puzzle-like appearance.

What are the advantages of light and dark wood floors?

Dark floors make a dramatic statement in any room and can support both a formal design aesthetic or something more rustic, including colonial hardwood flooring. Dark floors can make a room seem cozier, though they can also make a small room seem smaller. Light floors or gray color wood flooring can make a room seem more spacious and make it easier to coordinate the color scheme of walls, trim and furniture. Lighter floors also tend to hide dust, dirt and debris more easily.

Is it better to stain a floor or leave it a natural color?

The decision to finish a floor with natural color or stain depends a great deal on your design aesthetic. Natural colors have a timeless appeal while stain colors are trendier and may go out of style sooner.

How do I choose the right wood color for floors?

Selecting wood color for floors is a very subjective decision. You can start by deciding whether lighter or darker hues will best suit your vision for a room, and whether you prefer wood with more consistent tones or with a lot of color variation. Woods like Cherry, White Maple, Red Oak, White Oak and Eastern White Pine will have more consistent color, while Hickory, Ash, Birch, Walnut, and Brown Maple will show a lot more variation. You’ll also want to have the color of your floors complement the other colors in the room – the walls, trim, furniture and area rugs.

Matching the perfect stain color for your wood floors

At Carlisle, there’s virtually no limit to your choice for wood color in your floors. We offer a wide range of hardwood and pine species that include the rich chocolate hues of Walnut and lustrous red color of Cherry to the light blonde sapwood of Hickory and the natural, neutral tones of Ash. Our premium topcoat finishes enhance the natural color of these woods and are available in Satin, Matte and Extra Matte sheens.

If you have a more specific color in mind, we can produce a stain that matches it exactly. Our Carlisle Custom Color matching system can scan virtually any item you submit – from a paint swatch or section of fabric to a bit of linen or a tile – and create a stain color that is an exact match. With Carlisle you never have to settle for a stain that’s “almost” right – the only limit to your stain options is your imagination.

And if you need inspiration, we offer a range of traditional stain colors – everything from the rich pumpkin pine patina of Copper Mine to the rich roasted color of Vermont Coffee Bean and from the chocolate brown hues of Oatmeal Stout to the ultra-light hues of Whitewash Fence.

Why choose wood floors from Carlisle?

When you choose light, dark or neutral wood color floors from Carlisle, you’ll be working with the country’s premier provider of exceptional wide plank flooring. For more than half a century, our artisan craftsmen have relied on time-honored processes to create one-of-a-kind floors that are the perfect reflection of each homeowner’s sense of style and taste. Your Carlisle floor will be a defining feature of your home, a breathtaking design element that will transform any space.

To ensure your Carlisle floor exceeds your expectations, our expert craftsmen pay close attention to every detail. From the nuance of a hand-scraped edge to selecting the perfect wood floor colors, we make sure everything about your floor meets your exact specifications and our high standards.

Our forest-to-floor ethic is the result of our strong commitment to sustainability. Working with growers and sawyers who share our values, we are able to preserve natural resources while harvesting the highest quality timber for your Carlisle floor.