Wood Floor Design Patterns

Wood floor design patterns add elegance and luxury

Wood floor design patterns have been elevating the beauty of home interiors since the 16th century. At that time, wealthy homeowners would hire craftsmen to create patterned wood floor designs with alternating light and dark wood intricately hand-cut and fit into place to create a stunning floor.

Today, wood floor design patterns are enjoying a resurgence as homeowners discover that even

contemporary wood floors can appear more elegant and luxurious when installed with a pattern.

When working with Carlisle Would Plank Floors, customers can choose from one of several standard wood floor design patterns or collaborate with our design specialists to create a unique design.

All the Details on Wood Floor Design Patterns

Can engineered floors be installed with a pattern?

Yes. Wood floor design patterns can be used with virtually any type of wood or engineered wood. Carlisle offers two collections of engineered floors with a Herringbone pattern that are ideal for installation over radiant heat, on concrete slab, below grade or in any location with high moisture.

Can prefinished floors have wood floor design patterns?

Prefinished floors are an excellent candidate for hardwood floor layout patterns. With prefinished floors, the boards are cut, sanded, stained and sealed at the manufacturer’s facility, where stronger sealants can be used to provide longer-lasting protection. Prefinished flooring also allows homeowners to avoid the mess of finishing a floor on site.

Why Choose a Patterned Floor?

A patterned floor adds immense visual interest as well as elegance and a sense of luxury to any room.

What are the most popular patterns?

While there are a virtually unlimited number of wood floor patterns, several of the most popular wood floor design patterns include Herringbone, Chevron and Versailles. Herringbone employs a zigzag pattern, where each plank joins another at a right angle. Chevron also uses an angular pattern, but the ends of boards are cut at an angle to create a V shape. Versailles is the most intricate, using a pattern that appears as if the planks are “woven” together.

What are wood floor design patterns?

Wood floor design patterns, also known as parquet patterns, are a way of arranging the boards in a wood floor in a pattern, rather than in the standard installation where the boards are laid out side by side. Homeowners may choose from a wide range of parquet patterns of wood flooring, many of which have been popular since the 16th century when patterned floors were first installed in the manors and castles of Europe.

How to customize floors with design patterns

While hardwood patterns do a lot to create a unique floor, there are even more ways to customize your Carlisle floor.

Selecting the wood

A custom Carlisle floor starts with choosing from our selection of hardwoods, pine or reclaimed wood floorboards. Each species offers a different choice of natural color, grain pattern and density. Red Oak floors, for example, have deep salmon tones in the hardwood and offer a tight, consistent grain, while Walnut floors have rich chocolate hues and more complex grain patterns. Cherry floors come in hues of lustrous deep red with subtle but distinctive flowing patterns in the grain, and Hickory is one of the hardest woods and features lighter blonde and beige to cocoa brown hues.

Choosing a stain

Unlike many flooring companies with limited color selections, Carlisle offers a virtually unlimited assortment of stains. You can choose from our most popular color options or use the Carlisle Custom Color match system to create a unique stain color that’s ideally suited to your interior design.

Considering texture

Texturing or distressing a floor can add an instant sense of character. From Hand-Scraped Edges or Watermill marks to Brushed, Footboard or Timeworn texturing techniques, we offer a range of methods to give your floor the appearance of an antique surface that has been worn by weather, time and foot traffic.

Why choose wood floor design patterns from Carlisle?

For more than half a century, Carlisle craftsmen have been handcrafting the finest wood floors in America. When you choose floors with wood floor design patterns from Carlisle, you know you’ll be getting a masterpiece in wood that is truly an expression of your style. Fashioned with unmatched pride, passion and purpose, your floor will be a defining feature in your home and the centerpiece of any room that it graces.

At Carlisle, the quality of our product is matched only by the dedication of our customer service. Our team will not only help you choose from a variety of wood floor design patterns, but assist in your selection of woods, stain colors, textures and width of the floorboards to create a floor that is uniquely yours.