Wood Floor Patterns

Make your space more luxurious with wood floor patterns

Wood floor patterns, also known as parquet floors, are making a comeback in stylish homes throughout the country. Hardwood floor patterns originated in the wealthy homes and castles of 16th century Europe and have been a symbol of luxury since that time. Wood floor patterns were popular in the 60s and 70s, and today, parquet floors are once again a trendy choice for discerning homeowners.

For homeowners interested in wood floor patterns, there are many options to choose from. Standard parquet patterns of wood flooring include Herringbone, Chevron and Versailles, but many homeowners choose to create hardwood patterns that provide their interior with a one-of-a-kind appearance.

At Carlisle Wide Plank Floors, we specialize in producing exquisitely handcrafted surfaces with wood floor patterns in a wide variety of hardwood species, and we work closely with customers to craft a floor with a pattern that will add elegance and sophistication to their space.

What are wood floor patterns?

Can wood floor patterns be used with any wood?

Any wood that is used for hardwood floors can be installed with wood floor patterns. Engineered hardwood also makes excellent parquet flooring. Parquet floors can even be pre-finished in the manufacturer’s facility, which enables the use of stronger sealants and allows homeowners to skip the mess and inconvenience of an on-site finish.

Why choose parquet flooring?

Homeowners choose parquet flooring when they want their floor to truly stand out as a design feature and to add visual interest to a room. Parquet floors immediately elevate the sense of style in a room, adding a feeling of elegance and opulence to a space.

What are wood floor patterns?

Wood floor patterns, also known as parquet, refers to a hardwood floor where the boards are installed in a pattern, rather than simply laid out side by side in strips.

A variety of available wood floor patterns

There have been many different wood floor patterns created over the centuries, and customers today continue to design their own patterns for a one-of-a-kind installation. At Carlisle, the three most common types of types of wood floor patterns include:

  • Herringbone, a pattern featuring floorboards of equal length and arranged in a zigzag fashion with the end of one board adjoining the next board at a right angle. Herringbone floors have a great sense of overlapping movement and are one of the most popular wood floor patterns in the world.
  • Chevron, a pattern where the ends of floorboards are cut at an angle to create a V-shape when the boards are laid next to each other. Chevron has a slightly cleaner look but still creates a great deal of movement in the design.
  • Versailles, a pattern inspired by the floors in the palace of Louis XIV. A Versailles pattern lays out the floor in large squares within which shorter boards are arranged in an interlocking fashion to create a woven appearance. Versailles is one of the most intricate and sophisticated wood floor patterns.

Customizing your wood floor and pattern

As you look for the right wood floor pattern, we can help you with the many other choices involved in customizing your Carlisle floor for your unique space.

Choosing the wood

Customizing your floor and parquet pattern begins with your choice of wood. Every variety of hardwood represents a choice of colors, grain patterns and strength. For example, White and Brown Maple floors feature clear, hard flowing grain and occasional swirls, while Ash floors offer striking beauty, great density and unique elasticity. Birch floors feature grain patterns that range from subtle swirls to highly figured flames, while Walnut is known for its rich chocolate hues. In addition to 10 hardwood species, we offer three species of Pine as well as six kinds of reclaimed flooring that can also be installed with wood floor patterns.


Carlisle floors can be finished in almost any color of stain. Our stains range from the very light Whitewash Fence to the very dark and smoky Blacksmith stain, and we can create stains with custom hues to meet your design needs.


Texturing or distressing floorboards gives floors an immediate sense of character and age. Carlisle techniques for texturing include Hit or Miss marks that re-create the saw swirls and kerfs from old-time sawmills. Hand-Scraped Edges re-create the hand-sculpted look from an era before floorboards were manufactured by machines, while Brushed and Footworn techniques reproduce the look of wood that has been aged by time, weather and foot traffic.


When working with hardwood floor layout patterns, you’ll have the option of customizing your pattern by choosing the width of your boards. In patterns such as Versailles, the dimensions of the boards are fairly prescribed, while you have more latitude in patterns like Herringbone or in your own custom wood floor patterns.

Why make Carlisle your source for wood floor patterns?

For more than 50 years, Carlisle has provided extraordinary wide plank floors for beautiful homes and business spaces around the world. Every Carlisle floor is a work of art fashioned from the highest quality raw materials available and designed to illuminate the sense of style of the home or business owner. Our focus on excellence and our unwavering commitment to customer service means that the process of designing your floor and choosing your wood floor patterns will be as exciting and pleasurable as living and working on the finished product. From the first conversations with our design experts through installation of your Carlisle floor, we provide expert assistance at every step.