Wood Floor Texture

A wood floor texture adds unmistakable charm

For a one-of-a-kind floor that will become a defining feature of your home, a wide plank surface with a custom wood floor texture is the perfect design choice. Wide plank floors use floorboards that are much longer and wider than standard commercial flooring, and a hardwood floor texture makes new floorboards look and feel like planks that have been lived on for a century or more. Techniques for adding wood floor texture can recreate saw marks from early sawmills or reproduce the look of boards that have been gently worn by foot traffic and age.

At Carlisle Wide Plank Floors, our craftsmen are experts at applying wood floor textures that add an authentic feel and distinctive appearance to any of our flooring products. With a textured floor from Carlisle, you’ll have a surface that exudes personality, and a floor that that will amaze you every time you enter the room.

Carlisle wood floor textures

At Carlisle, we provide a variety of handmade surface treatments that offer different looks when creating an older, more authentic appearance.

  • Hand-scraped edges are produced by using a small block plane to gently round the edges of planks, just as craftsmen did 200+ years ago as they tried to smooth the transition between boards of uneven heights. Hand-scraped edges are a popular treatment for homeowners who desire a Colonial flooring aesthetic.
  • Hit or Miss processes recreate the saw swirl markings or kerfs that were once common in boards cut by early sawmills. Our craftsmen reproduce this rustic appearance in our custom shop and can vary the patterns from subtle to prominent.
  • Watermill processes recreate the appearance of boards that were once milled at riverside watermills. The crude production process resulted in boards with variations in thickness and slightly rough areas that absorbed stain differently and created striking contrasts in coloration.
  • Timeworn techniques use a proprietary process to gently wear down new floorboards, reproducing the natural patterns that are typical of New England floors that have been lived on and walked on for more than three lifetimes.
  • Footworn This texture recreates the subtle undulations seen in floors centuries ago.  Prior to machines that planed boards smooth, each plank was smoothed by hand using traditional tools such as large Jack Planes or wood scrapers.  These tools left the unique marks of the specific craftsman in each board.
  • Brushed techniques wear away the softer grains in a floorboard to reproduce the look of age. Brushed wood texture leaves denser grains standing tall for an uneven appearance that perfectly reproduces the contours of older floors.

What is a Wood Floor Texture?

Can engineered floors be treated with texture?

Yes. Texture can be applied to engineered floors as well as solid hardwood floors.

Can prefinished floors be textured?

Yes. A prefinished floor is one that is sanded, stained, sealed and textured within the ideal conditions of Carlisle’s custom shop. Once the floor is finished, it is disassembled and shipped to your home, where it can be quickly installed without the mess or inconvenience that are typically associated with floors finished on-site.


What kinds of wood floors can be textured?

Virtually any kind of hardwood or pine floor can be textured. There are no differences in approach between a Red Oak floor texture and a Hickory or Maple floor texture, for example.

What is the difference between a textured and reclaimed floor?

A textured floor is a new floor that is made to look old, while a reclaimed floor is made from old timbers salvaged from buildings that have been slated for demolition.

What is the benefit of a textured floor?

Texturing gives a hardwood floor a sense of character, warmth and charm that is typically only found in older, antique floors. A wood floor texture creates a unique appearance that can help to transform a room and make the floor a central design feature. Modern texturing techniques also enable homeowners to choose floors with a light wood flooring texture, while true antique floors are more limited to darker colors.

What is a wood floor texture?

A wood floor texture is a treatment that gives new floorboards the appearance of old floors that were fashioned long ago and that have been lived on and walked on for generations. An old wood floor texture may reproduce the wearing down of the wood grain that happens over time, or the qualities, marks and imperfections of boards that were sawn at early sawmills and prepared for installation by hand.

Why choose a wood floor texture from Carlisle?

Every Carlisle wide plank floor is a unique expression of the personality of the person who commissions it. Handcrafted with unmatched pride, passion and purpose, our floors are bound to become a defining feature of your home and a stunning design element that will amaze everyone who enters the room.

For more than half a century, we have been crafting the finest wood floors in the country using the highest quality materials available. Our artisan woodworkers pay incredible attention to every detail to ensure that the quality of the finished product will exceed your expectations. Produced with time-honored processes and with timbers from America’s finest forests, your Carlisle wide plank floor will be a stunning reflection of your sense of style and beauty.