Wood Parquet

Elevate your space with a wood parquet floor

There’s nothing quite like a wood parquet floor to add style and elegance to a room. Parquet flooring – essentially, a floor where the floorboards form a pattern – was originally found in the homes of European aristocrats in the 16th century, and the style has been synonymous with luxury ever since.

While there are a number of well-known wood parquet patterns – including Herringbone, Chevron and Versailles – parquet floor designs can be completely customized to the vision and taste of the homeowner. Parquet patterns can fill an entire room or serve as borders and focal points in an otherwise traditional floor.

Carlisle Wide Plank Floors, a leader in handcrafted wood surfaces for more than 50 years, provides stunning wood parquet floors for customers who want to transform an interior with a sophisticated design feature.

What is a Wood Parquet Floor

Can a wood parquet design use engineered flooring?

Yes. Engineered floorboards can easily be cut and installed in a parquet pattern. Carlisle provides a number of options for engineered parquet flooring that are ideal for both contemporary urban interiors and traditional designs, as well as installation over concrete slab, radiant heat and in high moisture areas.

Can a parquet floor be prefinished?

Yes. Pre-finishing a parquet floor can help to speed installation, as the sanding, staining and sealing can take place at the manufacturer’s facility before the floor is delivered to a jobsite. Carlisle’s Custom Coat process enhances the character and beauty of prefinished wood by combining time-honored techniques with modern technology.

What hardwood works best for a parquet floor?

Any hardwood species can be used to create a wood parquet floor. Oak parquet flooring is especially popular for its warmth, hardness and versatility.

Why choose a wood parquet floor?

A parquet floor can instantly elevate the beauty and elegance of any room, setting the stage with a sense of luxury and stylishness.

What is a wood parquet floor?

A parquet floor is a hardwood floor where the floorboards are precisely cut and installed in a pattern of some kind, rather than being installed side-by-side as in traditional hardwood flooring.

Types of wood parquet patterns

At Carlisle, you can create a custom wood parquet floor from any pattern using any of our hardwood species. Several of the most popular parquet patterns include:

Herringbone parquet flooring. This parquet style uses rectangular boards all cut to equal length and installed in an angular pattern with each end abutting another at a right angle. The parquet flooring Herringbone effect is a pleasing sense of overlapping movement that adds great visual interest to any room.
Chevron parquet. This V-shaped wood parquet pattern uses boards with the ends cut at an angle so that two adjoining boards form a V. The result is a more contemporary parquet flooring with a lot of movement and visual variety in the pattern.
Versailles pattern. This wood parquet design, inspired by the floors in the Versailles palace of the French King Louis XIV, features large squares within which the floorboards are arranged in a woven pattern for a highly sophisticated and ornate appearance.

Exceptional service for your wood parquet project

When you choose Carlisle for your wood parquet floor, our commitment to exceptional customer service will impress you as much as the quality of our handcrafted floors. From your first phone call or visit to a showroom through the selection of your wood and parquet pattern and the delivery and installation of your Carlisle floor, you’ll benefit from the insight and guidance of our design team at every turn. If you know exactly what you’re looking floor in a parquet floor, we’ll make sure you get it. And if you need help defining your vision, our team can help to choose the right wood, color, texture and other features to create a floor that is truly a one-of-a-kind masterpiece and an expression of your style and taste.