Wood Plank Patterns

Wood plank patterns take elegance to a new level

Wood plank patterns, also known as parquet patterns, have been adding sophistication and elegance to living spaces since they first were installed in the manors and castles of wealthy aristocrats in 16th century Europe. Today, wood plank patterns are increasingly popular as a way to bring a sense of luxury and charm to the interiors of stylish homes.

Installing a floor with a wood plank pattern requires the boards to be precisely cut and fitted. Rather than being laid out side-by-side as with traditional hardwood or wide plank floors, hardwood patterns may require boards to be laid out at angles or in an interlocking arrangement that produces a woven appearance.

When you’re interested in floors with wood plank patterns, Carlisle Wide Plank Floors is your best source for information, advice and examples. A leading provider of exquisite wide plank floors since 1966, we have built our business on handcrafting custom floors that exceed our customers’ expectation for quality and service.

Wood plank patterns available from Carlisle

At Carlisle, you can design your floor with a wide range of patterned wood floor designs or choose from several of the most enduring types of wood floor patterns.

Herringbone is a highly sought-after wood plank pattern, and the pattern that we’ve chosen for two of our custom collections of engineered parquet floors. In a Herringbone pattern, floorboards of equal length are laid out in alternating angles – a zigzag pattern – with the end of one board adjoining another board at a right angle. The visual appeal of herringbone is in the sense of movement created in the floor.

Chevron is another one of our most popular wood plank patterns. In a Chevron installation, the ends of each board are cut at an angle, so they make a V-shape when abutting other boards. The Chevron pattern also has a zigzag appearance, but the degree of the angle created by adjoining floorboards can be adjusted by cutting the ends of boards at different angles.

Versailles is an elegant pattern inspired by the floors in the Palace of Versailles. A Versailles floor is made of large squares. Within each square, the floorboards are arranged at an angle and cut at lengths to create an interwoven appearance.

Carlisle design teams are also adept at helping customers to create custom designs for entire floors, borders or focal points within a room.

Your Guide to Wood Plank Patterns

Can engineered flooring be installed with a wood plank pattern?

Engineered floors make excellent parquet flooring. Carlisle offers two collections of engineered hardwood floors in a Herringbone pattern that are ideal for installation on concrete slab, over radiant heat and in areas of high moisture above or below grade.

Can floors with wood plank patterns be prefinished?

Yes. Prefinishing a patterned floor allows the manufacturer to use stronger sealants for the wooden planks, adding more protection to the hardwood floor. A prefinished floor also helps to reduce the time required for installation and avoids the mess of sanding, staining and sealing a floor on site.

Can any hardwood be installed with the pattern?

Yes. Any species that can be used to create a hardwood floor can also be installed using hardwood floor layout patterns.

What are wood plank patterns?

Wood plank patterns, also known as parquet flooring, refers to a hardwood floor where the planks are cut and installed in a special pattern, rather than in the traditional layout with installed side by side. Patterned floors are available in a wide range of standard patterns, and homeowners can also create their own custom pattern. Some wood plank patterns use different woods or stains to create patterned multi-colored hardwood floors that add even more visual interest to a room.

Why choose wood plank patterns?

Homeowners choose wood floor design patterns when they want to make more of a visual statement in a room, or to add a sense of stylishness and luxury to an interior.

Why Carlisle is your best source for wood plank patterns

For more than half a century, Carlisle has been a leader and innovator in high-quality hardwood flooring. When you choose Carlisle for your hardwood floors and wood plank patterns, you know you’ll be working with the best in the business. You can count on our commitment to time-honored processes and to working with the soundest and most reliable timber grown in America’s forests. And you can have confidence that our craftsmen will obsess over every detail of your Carlisle floor to produce a masterpiece that is truly an expression of your taste and style.