Pine Flooring

Carlisle’s Eastern White Pine floors and Longleaf Heart Pine floors each have unique histories as traditional American Pine flooring materials.

Eastern White Pine flooring was the choice of the early New England colonists, who took advantage of its prevalence, but also its wide widths and long lengths, for a quicker installation. It was used not only for pine flooring, but also for structural timbers, siding and interior wainscoting. Carlisle Eastern White Pine floors are hand selected from the heartwood of timbers grown exclusively in New England, where the cold climate allows the trees to grow slower and reach full maturity. This floor provides a smooth grain, beautiful knots and versatile finish capabilities.

Longleaf Heart Pine flooring was the strong, tough building material used throughout the Southeast and Eastern Seaboard in the 1800s, earning the moniker “the wood that spawned the American Industrial Revolution.” Although there are over 200 different species of “heart pine,” Carlisle exclusively uses only Longleaf Heart Pine flooring to craft our iconic wide plank floors. Each board is cut from the center of only mature timbers, grown in Alabama, the ideal environment for growing the best heart pine trees. This results in a heart pine floor with more heartwood throughout the floor, alluring grain lines, beautiful knots and a density that rivals red oak.

Here at Carlisle, we capture the essence of these traditional pine flooring styles by creating pine flooring in the widest widths and longest lengths, just like the original floors. Our SlowCraft™ manufacturing process brings out the beauty in every pine flooring board.

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