It’s all in the details.

The art of perfection.

Our custom process allows us to create visually arresting floors that are unmistakably Carlisle. With over 200 years of combined experience in woodworking, Carlisle craftsmen are true artisans with a love and feel for fine wood. They live and breathe it. To them, every grain pattern and color variation tells a story, which will eventually unfold in the floor of your dreams. They painstakingly inspect every board that arrives at our mill and continually reinspect it at every stage to make sure it lives up to Carlisle’s standards … and yours.

Our skilled craftsmen take their time to examine every board to see which side best represents the full potential of the plank and select that side as the top. As the milling process continues, they will compare boards to determine which ones are the best match for your floor. No detail is too small to warrant their attention, from texturing to staining to pre-finishing.
Once we’ve carefully selected the best boards to create the legendary work of art that is your new floor, our craftsmen continue the process with texturing and staining based on your flooring choices. Again, the process is as thorough as we can make it, because artisans never take shortcuts.
Carlisle offers prefinished wood flooring in the best selection of finishes, so you can create any color and any look. We’ve combined tradition with technology to give each board a deep, hand-rubbed finish rather than one that appears painted on, so you get the most authentic look, and the most beautiful floor.