Case Study: 2C Design


To design the interior for the hectic lifestyle of a restaurateur and hotelier, first you have to understand your client. This is the first step in the design process for Miami-based Architect, Carlos Castaneda, who has been practicing architecture for more than 20 years, and in Miami since 2000; getting to know your clients. Once a clear vision is outlined with the client, Castaneda enters a process of creativity and innovation that will drive the interior and architectural design process, material recommendations and selections.

Goals & Process

Castaneda’s client has a very active and social lifestyle, his passion lies with drinks and dogs, as you can see from his business portfolio. His home is located in one of the most trendy Miami locations – Wynwood Arts District, famous for being one of the largest open air, street art districts in the world – and further reflection of his clients excellent taste.

“Everything starts with an interview to understand the owner’s lifestyle. The final result needs to satisfy their dreams and expectations, as well as my firm’s vision and design concepts.”

Carlos Castaneda, Architect 2C Design, Owner

Details Make The Design

All of these factors played a role in the architectural creation that Castaneda would bring to life for his client. He worked within an existing shell, but aside from a single room, air conditioning units, and a few choice appliances, nearly 90% of the space was demolished during construction.Every architectural component – the walls, stairs, custom floors – and design features – furniture, lighting fixtures, artwork – were all designed and crafted from scratch, specifically for this space.

Warming Up

The architectural details created a space that not only captured the desired look, but maximized the space at all angles inside and outside the home. While the overall appearance of the design definitely leans to a more modern, industrial design, careful attention was given to features and accents that would help warm up the interior. The giant sphere shape wood wall not only brings warmth to balance the coldness of the steel and the glass but acts as an element to reduce reverberation and separates the private areas from the social ones.

Mixed Media

The first level of the Miami Loft project features a modern concrete floor, but this is immediately warmed up by other architectural details – some of which continue right up through to the second level.  Wood wall paneling runs from front to back and top to bottom as the primary wall in the open concept living and kitchen area.

The kitchen also features darker wood kitchen cabinets with custom built-ins.  The cabinets and island have a modern, furniture style design to them.  This is a nice complement to the warmth of the Carlisle walnut floors with a small transition step down to the concrete floor.

Final Floor Design

The wide plank Walnut floors were incorporated at a minimal level on the first floor of the loft.  But it quickly, and beautifully. emerges as the primary backdrop for almost the entire second level as you move up the stairs.

On this level, you see a transition to warm wide plank Walnut flooring, which blends nicely with the wood wall paneling that carries over into the second floor.

Both the floors, and the wood wall paneling provide a nice backdrop against the monochromatic walls and exposed duct work, beams and other architectural details, that give this space its industrial feel.

Get the Look

At Carlisle, listen closely to our trade partners to provide the best floor design solutions.  They have confidence that the Carlisle floor they specify will reflect the exact vision they have for their client.

The Wide Plank Walnut flooring you see here was custom designed to have the right grade, color, and finish to complement the overall design that Castaneda created for his client.  Request a complimentary Design Consultation today to see how easy it is find exactly what you want with the help of a Carlisle Wide Plank Specialist.