A Smart Buyer's Guide for Selecting the Right Flooring

Explore the beauty and benefits of wide plank flooring.
smart buyers guide selecting the right flooring

What’s Inside?

  • Learn Why Wood is the Superior Flooring Choice
  • Explore Wood Species, Styles, Colors & Textures
  • Understand Durability and Performance
  • Find Out About Your Installation Options
  • Get Helpful Advice on How to Shop for Wood Flooring
  • Discover the Secret to How We Slowcraft® the World’s Finest Wood Floors

Live Your Life on a Work of Art.

The artisan craftsmen at Carlisle have been handcrafting wide plank hardwood, pine and reclaimed wood floors for half a century. Our American-made wood floors are found in museums, upscale restaurants, trendy retail stores and beautiful homes throughout the world.

Whether you select a Carlisle Collection Floor or a Carlisle Custom Floor, your flooring is made to order according to the exacting requirements that only our Slowcraft® process can provide.

Nothing compares to the beauty, grain density, superior strength, stability and performance of a Carlisle floor. The rich color, distinctive character and unparalleled beauty will create a timeless work of art for any project.

Your free 19-page guide features a closeup look at how our craftsmen combine traditional and modern methods to create custom floors that enhance the beauty, comfort and value of your home.

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