10 Award Winning Products for your Interior Design

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10 Award Winning Products for your Interior Design

If you are designing a new home this year you can get some inspiration from some award winning products from 2013.

In fact, Interior Design Magazine’s 2013 ‘Product of the Year’ might just be the place to start to gather ideas. And we’ve chosen 10 that might be perfect to spice up the interior décor of your home!  Some of them will have you thinking about interior design in a whole new way!

Let’s start with everyone’s favorite room, the kitchen!

Board Snaidero

Are short on space in your home? Does your home need a full gourmet kitchen?  Or do you want to take a more eco-friendly approach to your kitchen design? Then the Board kitchen system from Snaidero is for you.

This sleek kitchen takes everything you ever thought you knew about kitchen design and turns it on its head.  Forgo the island, don’t give up all your walls for kitchen cabinets, and redefine your space to make it the hub of your home, in a sleek, condensed way.

The Board by Snaidero has a much more industrial look, but it can be customized in color and size.  The most unique attribute is the suspended counter unit in the middle of it all.  This houses your sink and cook-top stove.  To the left of the console is built in cabinetry and oven, with extra cabinetry to the right.  The structure has built in units to house important domestic pieces like cutlery, spice racks, and a compost bin.  These can be covered up with chopping blocks to enhance the functionality of your work space.

With some wide plank hardwood flooring, this sleek, yet sophisticated kitchen design you will give you a clean, modern space.

Board Snaidero Kithen on Carlisle Wide Plank Floor Blog

Link Dining Table – AKMD Furniture

Combine the industrial look and strength of steel and cast aluminum with versatile table top options and you have a modern dining room table.  The highlight of this modular table system being the asymmetrical links that makes up the table base.

Every table top is made to order, and you can speak to the ADKM design studio in Chicago to find the right one for your project.  Choose from a variety of finishes, species or whole log book-matched slabs.

Link Dining Table from AKMD Furniture on Carlisle Wide Plank Floors Blog


If you are looking for some stylish new furniture for the living room we have some ideas for in there too!

Mismo – Izm  Furniture

Asymetrical design seems to be taking shape this year.  There is no better example of this than the Mismo coffee table from IZM Furniture in Vancouver, Canada.


Since when does a coffee table have to take just one form, and consist of just one piece.

With the MISMO table the geometric shapes, stacked in an asymmetrical pattern take accent table design to new heights.  it combines an industrial metal base with octagon wood shapes that appear to be scattered when you view it from the top.  The design is simple, but bold.  The company continues its trends of using natural wood for the table tops.  These would be a nice fit with one of our Oak wood floors in the Natural Finishes collections.

MASSAS moroso

The Massas Couch from designer Patricia Urguiola and Italian Furniture maker Moroso gives sectional seating a stylish new look.

This modular unit gives you a plethora of options to construct your seating just the way you want it, using the sofa and armchair components.

Boundaries are blurred, and lounge seating becoms an artform while maintaining a soft, comfortable feel.

MASSAS moroso Lounge Seating from Carlisle Wide Plank Floors Blog


PS04 Slide Cabinet – Andrew Franz Architect

Now technically, this furniture unit isn’t available just for the living room.  You might find it useful in bedrooms, game rooms, entries, or a variety of other areas in the home.  And it sure to please even the most determined organizer of the family.

The Slide Cabinet from Andrew Franz Architect design incorporates useful components like LED lighting, glass shelves, countertop and accent mirror.  It also uses sliding doors that let you choose what you want to hide, and what you want to show off.

The unit is available for recessed or wall mounted application with wood or wood and metal, and available in a variety a sizes to customize the piece just for your home.

PS04 Slide Cabinet From Andrew Franz Architect on Carlisle Wide Plank Floors Blog

Structure Wood – Tonon

Like the sliding PS04 Slide Cabinet, you can probably already envision this chair in several areas of your home, especially if it belongs on the cover of DWELL magazine.

Structure Wood by Tonon on Carlisle Wide Plank Floors Blog


Some furniture takes seating from simple function to a modern piece of art.  None more than the Structure chair from Tonon, designed by Mac Stopa.   And don’t let the minimalistic design confuse your sense of comfort, or performance.

The chair was designed with polyurethane foam, for comfort.  It will fit perfectly to the body when you descend.  And it is built from an inner steel frame for strength and durability.  The decorative asymmetrical detailing on the exterior gives the chair a bit more personality, than its simple design might otherwise provide.  And you can customize the color and the wood or metal style for the legs.  Just image being able to match the Walnut chair legs to your dark wood flooring.

Now let’s look at some products for the personal side of the home, the bathroom.

Style Drain Tile – California Faucets

Forget the unsightly stainless steel drain in your shower, and opt for the next step up in luxury from California Faucets.  Now you can integrate any tile or stone with StyleDrain Tile.

StyleDrain Tile from California Faucets on the Carlisle Wide Plank Floors Blog

Wall*Nut Medicine Cabinet – Think Fabricate

From the Brooklyn Design Studio that brought you functional design solutions to keep your house clutter free and maintain a modern look, check out the Wall*Nut Medicine cabinet.

This stylish take on the bathroom vanity combines the refined look of walnut, with a burst of lime green color every time you open the door.   With plenty of mirror to share, and ample storage space for your day to day items.

Last, but not least, let us look at some products that you can use in almost any area of the home.

The Lutron Coulisee Collection

You might know their names seperately – Lutrone Electronics, based in Pennsylvania is famous for its light control, window streatments and applicance modules.  Netherlands based, Coulisee is equally famous for its stylish fabrics and customized window treatments.  When these two factions come together, high fashion meets technological innovation and good things happen.

The Lutron Coulisee Collection of window fashion take “window coverings” and window “fashion” to a whole new level, and gives client a whole end user customer experience giving you two levels of personalization for your home.  First, the sophisticated functionality of automated window treatments, second, the fashionable fabrics that expand your decorating potential.

Lutron Coulisee Collection on Carlisle Wide Plank Floors Blog

Bold Collection from Lutron Coulissee On the Carlisle Wide Plank Floors Blog














Plus by Vibia

Be it in the home or in the office we all seek the light.  They refresh our senses and make us more productive.  The more natural the light, the better.

In enters the Plus lighting module from Vibia, designed to recreate the effect of sunlight, with the added technology of a dimmer, to control and personalize the setting of your home with one touch.

PLUS lighting by Vibia on Carlisle Wide Plank Floors Blog

Which one is your favorite product? Have you been inspired by any award winning products recently? Share them here!

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