Beach Inspired Home Décor for a Beautiful Abode

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Some people can’t get enough of summers at the beach – the aroma, the landscape, the colors.

Today, we’ll show you some fun ways to bring the beach back home with you, so you can enjoy it at home all year long.

1. Scented Candles

Let's start with something simple.  Scented candles have taken the industry by storm in recent years. So why not embrace all that artificial odor and find one that brings you back to your favorite beach side spaces. Great beachside scents include linen, fresh rain, and of course “Ocean Air”.

2. Paintings

If you can’t live by the ocean, but love the look of sunrises, and sunsets, waves crashing against a sandy shore, and bright blue skies, then invest in some artwork to replicate your favorite scenes. This DC area game room uses a full size, three dimensional, wall mural to bring back memories of sandy beaches.

This Kauai, HI home features a gorgeous ocean front painting that adds some color to the simple, white décor.

3. Beachy Hues

Who doesn’t love cool blues, rich corals, and all the beautiful colors often associated with the beach. This home uses cool beachy, blues for furniture, accent pillows, and even their front door.

Light blues and greens keep a room bright, and airy. Corals add a punch of color, like this Kauai, Hawaii home. It just envelopes you in a beach style theme.

4. Floor Covering

Wood floors are so versatile. You can create just about any color and texture. This oak floor from the Elegant Collection, called Peaceful Sand, is reminiscent of the white, sandy beaches of your favorite tropical escape.

5. Driftwood

Driftwood can be found on just about any beach. Pick some up to rest on end tables, mantles, or to stack on top of books as a decorative accent. This eclectic San Diego Beach house creates a collage of décor for a living room accent table.

You can even find wood flooring reminiscent of that grey/brown “driftwood” look. Just check out the prefinished wood flooring in the Urban collection for some ideas.

If you love the beach, you can infuse your home with decor that gives you the beach-side experience all year long.
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