What can Social Media do for you in 2013?

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Whether you are an interior designer, custom home builder, or installer you can harness the power of social media to reach a bigger audience, gain more awareness about you and your business, enhance your reputation and rank higher in online search!

If you are a small business you may not be able to hire a full time specialist to manage your social media, it may all be done in house – among all the other activities you need to do on a daily basis.

During a recent discussion with Owner and CEO, Kel Kelly of Kel & Partners in Boston, Massachusetts, she provided some tips that can help motivate your social media strategy in 2013.



  1. Make short, insightful posts at least two times per week on your blog
  2. Market your blog posts on all available social media outlets
  3. Encourage others to comment and refer back to these posts
  4. Add sharing capabilities on your blog posts to encourage sharing
  5. Use your meta tags


  1. Use your “#” just like you do your top 50 paid search keywords
  2. Tweet at least 2 time per day especially about new your blog posts
  3. If someone “tweets” about you show youe appreciation and tweet back to keep up the good vibe


Pinterest & Houzz


  1. Pinterest is one of the fastest growing sites on the web with over 11.7 million unique visitors
  2. Houzz is home to nearly 1.5 million home improvement professionals to to inspire and connect, it attracts nearly 5 million users
  3. Set up an account on each site in as little as a few hours
  4. Set up project/Boards to highlight you particular expertise, and popular trends
  5. Share beautiful photography for your recent projects
  6. Inspire others who will want to share your projects and photos
  7. Don’t forget to download all the apps available for these programs for iPhone, iPad and Android devices.  When you are mobile, your business is mobile. “Advances in technology and social media have allowed designers to collaborate and connect on a global level, opening doors for forward-thinking firms” Peter Conant, Interior & Sources Magazine


  1. Encourage “Likes” through your company page
  2. Invite customers to share their stories
  3. Share photos as regularly as possible of recent projects
  4. Find out more about Facebook advertising
  5. Offer incentives or rewards programs through interactions on Facebook (be careful to adhere to Facebook's strict rules governing promotions on the site)


Content is king when it comes to enhancing your online search success.  You can develop content many different ways. 

  1. Blog posts focusing on the keyword specific information about your projects – type of project, location, products featured and more
  2. Upload presentations to SlideShare (www.slideshare.net)
  3. YouTube – you don’t have to spend millions recording high quality videos.  Mobile devices today make it easy to create your own share-worth videos.  Post them to YouTube with relevant video descriptions.

How do you use social media? When was the last time social media helped your business?

For ever more information Download the Social Media Map from Overdrive Interactive.

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