How to Decorate With & Care For Dark Flooring in your Home Decor

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The category of “dark” floors come hues like chocolate, walnut, and ebony – hues that can be attributed to rustic industrial design or luxurious modern penthouses.

In the “old days” dark wood floors were created from additives like turpentine or tobacco and were designed as a protective finish for the wood.  Today, the look of rich, dark flooring is much easier to create and provides a consistent color, that will have a big impact on the overall aesthetic of a room.

Dark Flooring Style


There are many styles of interior design that go well with dark flooring, these are three of them.

  • Minimalist & Modern

Iconic American architecture at its best, designed by world-famous architect Frank Lloyd Wright, and characterized by its signature use of Oak, especially Quartersawn White Oak throughout flooring, accents, doors, and other woodwork.

  • Industrial

Industrial design is often characterized with signature details like copper vents, original brick walls, stainless steel or wrought iron bars and pipes, or wood ceilings.  These spaces are often oversized, with high ceilings and lots of natural light.  This combination makes it an ideal backdrop for a dark floor.

  • Art Deco

Made popular in the 1920’s post World War I, when wealth and success returned and concerns of war abated.  Opulence adorned homes throughout the world with sumptuous fabrics, furniture, décor, and lighting to pair perfectly with the simple, yet luxurious feel of dark flooring.


There are many reasons why people love dark floors.   For one, it is immediately luxurious, flooring with a dark stain and finish just naturally feels more upscale.  Dark floors can also make the space feel more grounded, this is especially helpful if the space being decorated has high ceilings or larger overall dimensions.  Dark floors can create scale, so people don’t feel so lost in the big rooms.  

Given the popularity of dark flooring, the other good news is you can find them in a variety of styles, colors, species, and materials.  Wide plank vinyl flooring has been growing in popularity given its natural appearance and affordable cost.  Options are also available in decadent wide plank leather flooring or eco-friendly cork.  If  you are more of a traditionalist you may want to use wide plank engineered hardwood flooring.

In recent years there have been advances in stain formulation – mostly for the benefit of the environment – this has caused it to be quite difficult to achieve dark flooring styles when you stain the flooring on site, it can also be challenging – and costly – since it takes much more time to get the dark stain exactly right throughout an entire floor.  So, why risk it?  To get the richest and most consistent color it is recommended that you get your flooring prefinished.


But don’t be fooled by the allure of luxury, dark floors take some getting used to.  If your room has a lot of natural light, dirt, debris, white dog hair and such can show up more easily especially where the sun hits.  A daily run through with your Rumba can clean it up, or dress up your windows with sheer white curtains to filter the sunlight.

In one, five, or maybe ten years what happens if you get a knick in your floor?  Are you going to replace the entire floor if you can’t repair the finish?  Ideally – NO!  Try to find flooring, like Torlys Smart Floors, which are available with the BullDog Easy Plank Replacer. The revolutionary Uniclic joint makes it easy to pop out a damaged board and replace it.  See it in action below. 

Looking for more colors…check out the selection at our inspiration gallery.


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