Custom Hardwood

Every one of our floors is custom crafted to your specifications using only the finest wood available. Because your floor is manufactured by craftsmen in our New Hampshire facility your choices are truly unlimited! They include selecting species, structure (engineered/solid), grade, width, texture and unlimited colors. To explore your options, you can go to the Carlisle Collections, a gallery of our most popular tried-and-true finishes, or continue viewing Custom Hardwood, a gallery of highly individualized one-of-a-kind masterpieces.

Customer Story – Destin Residence Video
The Destin Residence
Custom Floor | Project #100
Engineered 8-inch wide plank Rift and Quartersawn White Oak hardwood is the perfect flooring choice for this Florida home located in high humidity and near the water.
  • Hardwood; Rift & Quartersawn White Oak
  • 2' - 12' Random Lengths
  • 8" Widths
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Hardwood; Rift & Quartersawn White Oak
Engineered Wood Available
2' - 12' Random
Customer Story – Pepper Residence Video
The Pepper Residence
Custom Floor | Project #200
The "Relaxed-Modern-Mediterranean" feel of this Seattle, Washington home is enhanced by 10-inch Walnut wide plank floors. The homeowners, second-time buyers, know the importance of a high quality floor and value Carlisle's custom options.
  • Hardwood; Walnut
  • 2' - 9' Random Lengths
  • 10" Widths
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Hardwood; Walnut
Engineered Wood Available
2' - 9' Random
Customer Story – Langhorne Residence Video
The Langhorne Residence
Custom Floor | Project #300
Mixed width wide plank White Oak floors with a custom color and dramatic lengths of up to 14 feet were chosen to visually expand the space in this Washington, DC home. They also blend seamlessly with marble, tile, and other custom floor coverings in the residence.
  • Hardwood; White Oak
  • 3' - 14' Random Lengths
  • 9"-11" Widths
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Hardwood; White Oak
Solid Wood Available
3' - 14' Random
Customer Story – Reston Residence Video
The Reston Residence
Custom Floor | Project #400
8-inch Carlisle wide plank Ash floors were installed in this Virginia home. Ash was chosen because of its durability and for its ability to take a custom stain in a way that would allow the homeowner to emphasize the dark cathedral patterns of its grain.
  • Ash; Hardwood
  • 4' - 14' Random Lengths
  • 8" Widths
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Ash; Hardwood
Solid Wood Available
4' - 14' Random
Customer Story – Ucci Residence Video
The Ucci Residence
Custom Floor | Project #500
Random width wide plank Hickory floors with a "Timeworn" custom texture were used to create the much-loved "lived-in" warmth of this rural residence in Ontario. The homeowner wanted floors that harmonized with her playful interior decor.
  • Hardwood; Hickory
  • 2' - 12' Random Lengths
  • Widths
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Hardwood; Hickory
Engineered Wood Available
2' - 12' Random
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