Cherry Wood Floors

The beauty and elegance of Cherry wood floors.

Cherry wood floors have been a favorite of woodworkers and homeowners for generations, prized for their distinctive flowing grain patterns and rich red tones that darken over time to a warm burnished auburn color.

American Black Cherry trees, from which the timbers for Cherry wood floors are harvested, are found throughout Eastern and Midwest parts of the United States. However, the best trees are usually grown in the Allegheny Plateau that runs through New York, Pennsylvania and Ohio, where a shorter growing season and perfect soil conditions combine to promote the rich, red hardwood that defines Cherry hardwood.

In this short introduction to Cherry wood floors, we’ll answer frequently asked questions and explore options for Cherry floors available through Carlisle Wide Plank Floors.

Superior Cherry wood floors. Unsurpassed customer service.

At Carlisle, the quality of our Cherry wood floors is matched only by the quality of our customer service. Paying attention to every detail and responding to your every need, our customer service team is dedicated to making sure your experience in designing your Cherry wood floors is as fun and exciting as ultimately living on them.

If you’re quite clear on what you need, we’ll make sure you get it. And if you want to explore all your options for varieties of wood, stain, grade, texture and pattern, our team will guide you through every step, offering expert opinions and friendly assistance to make sure your Carlisle Cherry wood floors exceed your highest expectation.

Why Carlisle is your best source for Cherry wood floors.

Carlisle has been known as a leader and innovator in hardwood flooring since 1966. From wide plank Cherry wood floors to prefinished, engineered and reclaimed hardwood flooring, every Carlisle floor is handcrafted to be unique expression of a homeowner’s or business owner’s aesthetic and sense of style. Committed to sustainable forestry practices, we are able to harvest the best timber for our wide plank floors while preserving natural resources. Our craftsman are committed to excellence and dedicated to perfection, ensuring that your Carlisle wide plank floor will be a stunning masterpiece – a defining feature of your space that will welcome and delight you every time you enter the room.

Frequently Asked Questions

Any suggestions for how to care for Cherry wood floors?

Cherry wood floors can be easily cleaned with a solution of vinegar and water – 1 or 2 ounces of vinegar per 2 gallons of water – and applied with a damp mop to loosen dirt and contaminants. However, it’s important to consult the manufacturer’s or installer’s instructions for specific steps for maintaining your Cherry wood floors.

What color can Cherry wood floors be stained?

Cherry wood floors can be stained in a wide variety of colors. At Carlisle, we offer a virtually unlimited selection of stains to choose from. However, when selecting a stain, it’s important to choose a hue that will enhance the color and grain pattern of the wood rather than obscure or clash with it. Our design consultants can help you select a stain that will best suit your Cherry wood floors and your space.

What are prefinished Cherry wood floors?

Prefinished Cherry wood floors are sanded, stained and sealed in our facility before being shipped to your residence or business for installation. This process lets you avoid the sanding and staining of your floor on-site and all the mess that entails. Prefinished floors also let you avoid the inconvenience of needing to vacate your space for a day or two while the floor is coated with sealants.

What are engineered Cherry wood floors?

Engineered floors are designed to withstand larger-than-normal changes in temperature and humidity in places like basements, on radiant heating systems or over concrete slabs. Engineered floors may also be appropriate throughout homes where the relative humidity changes drastically from season to season. Engineered Cherry wood flooring at Carlisle is made with a veneer of Cherry hardwood that is glued to 5 to 11 layers of Baltic Birch to form a highly stable core that won’t contract or expand with changes in humidity as solid wood flooring is prone to do. Engineered flooring is not appropriate for environments where the relative consistently falls below 30%.

What are textured Cherry wood floors?

A textured or distressed floor is one that is treated with a variety of techniques to give it an aged or antique appearance. Common techniques include adding hand scraped edges to recreate the appearance of floorboards that were once prepared for installation by hand. Adding saw marks is another common technique, reproducing the look of boards that were cut at early sawmills. At Carlisle, we also offer several proprietary techniques that give new floorboards a Timeworn, Footworn or Brushed appearance, reproducing the look of wood that has been gently worn by generations of use.

How does the hardness of Cherry wood floors compare to other options?

Cherry has a Janka hardness rating of 995, which is similar to Walnut. Cherry is among the softer hardwoods, making it slightly more susceptible dents and scratches. However, with a professional finish and with proper care, Cherry wood floors will retain their form and luster for many years.

What are wide plank Cherry wood floors?

Wide plank Cherry hardwood flooring uses floorboards that may range from 5″ – 16″ in width, and 12′ in length. The result is a floor that has far fewer seams than commercial hardwood flooring, which typically uses floorboards that are only 2¼” to 3″ in width and 4′ in length. Consequently, wide plank floors feel less “busy” and give any room greater sense of spaciousness and elegance. With a wide plank floor, the personality and grain structure of the wood can easily be seen and appreciated, enabling the floor to be a central design element of a room, rather than a surface to merely be walked upon.

What is Cherry wood?

The Cherry timbers used for wood flooring and furniture-making come from the American Black Cherry tree, a hardwood species with medium density, low stiffness, good bending properties and medium strength and shock resistance. Consequently, Cherry wood is easy to work with and produces an excellent, smooth finish when sanded and stained. Cherry will darken over time, producing dark Cherry wood flooring with a burnished auburn color that is highly prized for its rich warmth.