Herringbone Flooring

The appeal of Herringbone flooring

When you want to add visual interest and a sense of elegance to your living space, Herringbone flooring is an excellent option. The Herringbone flooring pattern features a “zigzag” appearance where each board connects to the next at a right angle, creating a great deal of movement and a pleasing geometric pattern across the floor.

The Herringbone wood floor has been a favorite parquet floor design for hundreds of years, appearing in castles, palaces and aristocratic manors throughout the world. Today, Herringbone flooring is gaining popularity once again with installations in stylish homes throughout America.

Carlisle Wide Plank Floors, a leading provider of exquisite handcrafted flooring, offers wide plank Herringbone floor options in a variety of hardwoods and engineered wood floors.

What is Herringbone flooring?
Herringbone flooring is a hardwood floor that is laid out in a Herringbone pattern, where the end of each rectangular plank connects to the next plank at a right angle. The effect of a Herringbone pattern wood floor is a zigzagging geometric pattern that adds a great deal of visual movement and interest to a floor design.

Why choose Herringbone flooring?
A Herringbone pattern wood floor adds an immediate sense of style and luxury to any room and makes the floor a central design element of the space.

Can Herringbone flooring be prefinished?
Yes. A prefinished Herringbone floor enables floor to be cut, sanded, stained and sealed within the manufacturer’s facility, where stronger sealants can be applied to add extra protection for the wooden floorboards. Prefinished Herringbone flooring also means that the installation on site will go much more quickly, and that the homeowner can avoid the mess and inconvenience of having a floor sanded, stained and sealed on site.

What wood is best with Herringbone flooring?
While virtually any wood floor can be installed with a Herringbone pattern, many homeowners choose Red or White Oak Herringbone flooring for the warmth, versatility and affordability of this hardwood species.

Can a Herringbone floor be made with engineered wood?
Yes. Carlisle offers two collections of Herringbone flooring made with engineered floorboards. Our Manhattan Herringbone Collection is made with engineered Rift & Quartersawn White Oak and available in six contemporary colors, while our Studio Herringbone Collection is fashioned with White Oak engineered floorboards and is available in five classic colors.

Choosing the wood for your Herringbone flooring

Carlisle, we offer Herringbone flooring in a wide range of species.

  • Ash is prized for its density and durability and offers striking grain patterns with warm hues from rich nutty brown to light blonde.
  • Birch features color tones from pale yellow to light brown with hints of red, and grain patterns that range from subtle swirls to flame-like effects.
  • Brown Maple produces hardwood floors with brown, amber and rich gold hues.
  • Cherry floors can be polished to a deep, glowing red or burnished auburn color.
  • Hickory has a strength that rivals steel and features hues from lighter blonde to darker brown.
  • Red Oak boasts tight, consistent grain patterns and salmon-colored hues.
  • Rift & Quartersawn White Oak uses a special cutting technique to produce straight parallel lines in the grain with vibrant ray flecks.
  • Walnut floors have rich, chocolate hues and complex grain patterns.
  • White Maple is a dense and durable wood with smooth, soft flowing grain and consistent color tones.
  • White Oak provides beige to nutty brown hues and dramatic grain patterns that range from simple and sleek to intricate swirls.
  • Pine flooring options include Eastern White Pine, Heart Pine and Hit or Miss Pine floors.
  • Reclaimed flooring is salvaged from centuries old buildings, farms and factories to provide floors with an antique appearance.

Carlisle service makes it easy to design Herringbone flooring

Creating the perfect Herringbone flooring is no easy feat, but at Carlisle, our exceptional service makes the process simple. Our design consultants and knowledgeable specialists answer every question and help solve every challenge when turning your vision for a Herringbone floor into a reality. After reviewing your exact specifications and your design aesthetic, we’ll work with you to choose the wood, grade and width of your Herringbone floor, as well as the color, texture and finish to design a parquet floor that sets the stage for your life at home.

With Carlisle, delivery and installation are an uncomplicated process. Your Herringbone flooring will be completely wrapped in moisture-protected material during transit, and our team will schedule delivery for a specific date and time that suits your needs. We provide a highly detailed instructions for your installers that outline everything they’ll need to manage a perfect installation.

Carlisle: a leader in Herringbone flooring

Carlisle wide plank floors are legendary works of art that are painstakingly crafted for exceptional homes and businesses. The extraordinary quality of our Herringbone flooring is matched only by the ease of selecting and ordering it with help from our design experts. We believe that every detail of a floor matters – from the exact shade for a stain to the nuance of a hand-scraped edge, we work closely with our clients to identify and perfect the details that will create a personalized, custom-made floor.

We are committed to a forest-to-floor ethic that simultaneously preserves natural resources while enabling us to harvest timbers that ensure the beauty and quality of every Carlisle wide plank floor. With Carlisle, you know you’re getting a surface that will warm and transform your space for years to come.