American Walnut Flooring

American Walnut flooring

With its rich chocolate hues and consistent grain patterns, American Walnut flooring provides a stunning surface that can transform any home or business setting. Solid Walnut flooring ranges from light pale brown to dark mocha with surprising auburn undertones, providing lots of options that are suitable for any design. From rustic country kitchens to formal sitting rooms or city lofts, there’s nothing else quite like American Walnut flooring for adding warmth, drama and visual appeal.

What is wide plank American Walnut flooring?

Wide plank American Walnut flooring from Carlisle is made with boards that may be as wide as 20″ and up to 12′ long. When you compare wide planks to the 3″ boards used in traditional American Walnut flooring, you can quickly see the appeal of a wide plank floor. There are fewer seams, meaning the floor seems less “busy” or cluttered and infusing the room with more elegance and harmony. Wider planks also enable the personality of the wood to be revealed more easily. When you install wide plank American Walnut flooring in your home or business, your floor will become a central feature of the design aesthetic and a conversation piece for every visitor.

The benefits of American Walnut flooring.

American Walnut flooring is perfect surface when you want:

A dark floor – there’s nothing like the warm, chocolate hues in dark Walnut floors.
Versatility – American Walnut flooring works equally well in rustic, contemporary and casual settings.
A surface that can be stained – American Walnut flooring can easily be stained to a wide variety of colors.
Return on investment – American Walnut flooring adds value to any residential or commercial setting.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can American Walnut flooring be distressed?

American Walnut flooring can be distressed or textured in a variety of ways to recreate the appearance of an aged flooring surface. At Carlisle, our craftsmen use of variety of approaches – including several proprietary techniques – to give American Walnut flooring the look of surfaces that have been lived and walked on for generations.

What are suggestions for how to care for American Walnut flooring?

You can clean American Walnut flooring with a simple solution of water and vinegar – one or 2 ounces of white vinegar per 2 gallons of water. Vinegar has a natural cleaning ability and is also safe for the environment.

What is prefinished American Walnut flooring?

Prefinished Walnut flooring is sanded, stained and sealed before it is delivered and installed in a home or business. By having the floor finished in the manufacturer’s facility, you can avoid the mess, inconvenience and smell of completing unfinished Walnut flooring on site. A prefinished floor also helps to reduce the cost and time required for installation.

What is engineered American Walnut flooring?

Engineered American Walnut flooring is made with boards that have been specially manufactured to be resistant to changes in temperature, humidity and moisture. An engineered American Walnut floor has a top layer or veneer of Walnut that is glued to multiple layers of a backing material like plywood, fiberboard or another type of hardwood. An engineered floor is ideal for below-ground locations like basements and for installation over radiant heating systems or concrete slabs.

Is American Walnut flooring the same is black Walnut flooring?

Black Walnut flooring is another name for American Walnut flooring. Other types of Walnut flooring include Brazilian Walnut and European Walnut flooring.

How strong is American Walnut flooring?

American Walnut flooring has a Janka hardness rating of 1010. While it is not as hard as other common flooring hardwoods like oak, ash, maple or hickory, Walnut flooring is nevertheless a highly resilient wood.

Is American Walnut flooring right for you?

While American Walnut flooring is an excellent choice for any home or business surface, it is not the only choice by far. At Carlisle, we offer a wide range of hardwood species that can be used to create stunning wide plank floors.

Ash is an incredibly dense hardwood with color tones that range from cream to light blonde and rich nutty brown hues.
Birch floorboards feature blonde outer edges and warm amber portions, along with grain patterns that feature everything from highly figured flames to subtle swirls.
Brown Maple planks have hues of rich gold, amber and brown along with subtle and consistent grain patterns.
Cherry offers a burnished auburn color paired with subtle but distinctive flowing grain patterns.
Hickory is an amazingly hard flooring surface with hues from lighter blonde sapwood to cocoa brown and beige heartwood.
Red Oak floorboards have deep, salmon tones and come in exceptional widths and lengths.
White Maple delivers strikingly beautiful grain patterns that resemble flowing water, along with clean and lighter hues for a more neutral finish.
White Oak features dramatic grain patterns that range from simple and sleek lines to vibrant swirls.
Rift & Quartersawn White Oak floorboards are cut with special techniques that produce straight parallel lines in the grain.

Carlisle: your premier source for American Walnut flooring

Since 1966, Carlisle has made a name as a leading provider of wide plank flooring for museums, boutiques, restaurants, businesses and remarkable homes around the world. Carlisle American Walnut flooring – and every Carlisle wide plank floor – is a masterpiece in wood that perfectly captures the aesthetic of the home and business owners who commission them. Painstakingly hand-crafted by our New England artisans, Carlisle American Walnut flooring offers exceptional style and beauty – the kind of surface that will delight visitors and remind you where you are every time you cross the threshold. As you get to know our company and our products more fully, we believe you’ll agree that nothing compares to the beauty, strength, stability and performance of Carlisle wide plank floors.